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  1. Ok, Thanks for the reply! I skipped on the Viking after some research. I will just had sew for awhile and save up some cash until I can find a deal on a leather machine. Have a great day! Scott
  2. That would be a great machine however like I said I have to start somewhere. Not everyone can afford a machine of the quality and level starting out. Upon further research i decided not to go with the Viking and am going to start looking for a used older walking foot machine. Thanks! Scott
  3. Anybody know anything about these? New to the hobby and know I need a better machine for leather than this but everbody has to start somewhere. Looking to sew wallets, holsters and belts... Thanks for your input and information. Was also looking at some of the older antique black singers. Just don't know what I should pull the trigger on to get me off and running. Scott I run with scissors as it makes me feel dangerous!
  4. I would like to view nsfw also if you don't mind. Thanks Scott
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