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  1. Man, SOOOOOOOOO irresponsible of me to not post completed pictures The bag was completed around september 2014. Here you go! Some more progress pics and final pics.
  2. The gussets wrap fully around the sides and bottom of the back. It's been a while now, but I believe I cut them long and little by little trimmed the lengthen as I test fit the gusset against the main back panel, to avoid trimming too much. When actually attaching the gusset (I glued it on before drilling the stitch holes with a Dremel) I believe the some small trimming was still necessary. Remember, I wet molded the 2 gussets and then dyed them (can't really wet-mold *after* dyeing) so after dyeing and everything, they were quite rigid and fixed in shape when it came time to glue them to the panel. I just trimmed the "tops" of the sides to make sure they went up as high as I wanted them.
  3. Hello. Yup, that's 3.5 mm for the back/front flap and for the front panel. There's also an outer pocket on the back that is 3.5 mm. The guessets were made with 4/5oz, which is like 2.5mm if I remember correctly. Honestly i could done the whole back with this stuff; it's plenty thick. With the 3.5, I should add made the back bigger in dimensions. The whole back is VERY stiff. It required a LOT of dye (fiebings pro oil dark brown) which REALLY dried out the leather. I put some light coats of Neatsfoot oil to soften it, but I really should a soaked it in Neatsfoot to get it soft again. The gussets were wet molded into shape before dying. Search "wet molding gusset" on YouTube and you should find my videos of this process; nothing fancy just a few minutes of clips (like 5 clips) of me doing the molding on the jig i built.
  4. Thanks so much! I've never bought leather online before, but I have enough experience now that it doesn't scare me as much anymore. I've been figuring that I'll have to buy online for what I'm needing.
  5. Hello, I want to make a notebook/magazine holder. I want leather that is strong, like the veg tan that Tandy has stacks and stacks of, but thin like what you would use for a wallet. I once found a bucket of remnants at Tandy that had such leather which I used for my first ever project, a 3-set of button attachments for a pair of suspenders. I haven't been able to find leather this thin at Tandy (or maybe I'm missing it?). Where can I find what I'm looking for? Finished or natural, I don't mind. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip! Which of their products would you be referring to? Obenauf's LP?
  7. I was looking up some info on making pockets with pigskin and found someone mentioning that they put "acrylic" finish to "seal" the pigskin. The skin I have is the soft tan kind from Tandy. I'm using it to line my briefcase and was now going to make some basic pockets on a divider piece. Would one really put resolene on this? I tried it on a small piece and got a blotchy look (see the small piece right next to the foam brush)
  8. Ok, so I started the gusset from scratch with a new piece of leather and I built a new frame. I made is one a little thicker since I needed more space in this compartment of the bag. I had to use lots of wood filler on this frame. I sanded it with 400 grit paper and even sprayed it with glossy wood finish. Man! This was the right way to go! It was so much easier to mold the leather pre-dyed. What was I thinking when I dyed the old piece before molding??? The same big wrinkles/folds appeared on the inside of the piece, but with consistent work, I completely removed them. I'm so happy I put in the effort and expense to do it RIGHT! Pics and videos for your enjoyment!!! 1. 2a. 2b. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. Ok, so I finally started work on that gusset I mentioned. I built a mold out of trim pieces from Home Depot. I did my best to mold the leather onto the frame but as I mentioned earlier, it was already dyed and thus extra stiff. See the pics, you get the idea. The creases along on the "long" corners were *OK*, but the actual "corners" were were SO HORRIBLY ABYSMAL and unacceptable that I just HAD to start over even though it meant another $32 for a new shoulder. Let me tell you, that was the BEST decision I've made on this whole project. More posts to follow for the new gusset. FYI, in the picture, that crusty cream colored paste on the ugly corners is the wood filler that I used to "round" the inside corners of the frame.
  10. Nice! What leather did you use for the top beading? How thick was it?
  11. Once I attached the handle it finally started to look like a bag! I'm so happy to see this project paying off. It's been haunting me since I started but I've gained so much confidence and momentum. But I know that everything I've done so far has been the easy part... I've reached the point where the next serious step is to shape and attach THE GUSSET! Actually, the first gusset, there will be 2. Everything I learned has lead me to this. It's now or never. I originally intended to use some of the 3.5mm (veg tan) leather for the gussets, but quickly realized the foolishness of that idea. I had to buy more leather, so I got some 2mm veg tan. Is still pretty stiff. I think my only choice is going to be to mold the whole dang thing all at once and then just attach it that way. I made the mistake of dying my gusset piece before trying to mold it. So when I try to bend it, there are horrible wrinkles on the surface, even with water soaking. I think I'm gonna need to build a FULL ON wet mold that somehow puts full, uniform pressure on the entire surface of the piece if I want to avoid harsh wrinkles. Does anyone have experience or suggestions to share about doing gussets with thick veg tan? Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!! Oh, an PS, a few days ago I realized this is going to be one of the greatest things I've ever done, my masterpiece Oh and PSS, YES, this bag was HEAVILY inspired by the Saddleback classic briefcase
  12. I've gained so much courage having made the handle and especially when I glued the lining to the main piece. My work bench is getting so much abuse! I nailed the lining down with like 20 little nails to get it nice and stretched out. Then I spread my (runny) contact cement with a paint spreader. I was scared but it spread so perfectly. It was a leap of faith that paid off 150%!!! I'm THRILLED with the pig skin lining. The support piece for the handle got sewed on. You'll notice on the outside the stitches don't go all the way around the rectangle shape. As I made the holes (drilled with a Dremel press station) there were so many holes it started to look like I was trying to punch the whole rectangle out. Good thing I started on the end. I improvised and just stitched on the ends. On the inside of the bag, you can see that I "fake" the stitching for a portion of the support piece. Btw, the rivets that you see at the ends of the stitching are "decorative". Having aborted stitching all the way around, I thought it would help to have something visual at the ends of the stitching line. Too bad I had already marked the holes on the outside. I ended up grooving all the way around to cover the light prick marks in the middle.
  13. Been working on my overly ambitious bag project that got me started in leather work. The project officially started over a year ago in like march 2013. All the materials and tools sat for a long while as I worked up the courage to get started. It's been such a laborious process. Early on I made a quick crappy iPhone slip case to wet my feet. I finally started the bag sometime around September IIRC by making the shoulder strap. I learned so much, but overall it's way too dark for the bag. I'll be making a new strap when the bag is finished. I put stitching all around the long piece of the strap; doesn't really have a functional purpose except maybe to prevent some stretching, but BOY did I learn to stitch! I was scared to death to cut the main pieces of the bag without having the design perfectly in mind. I've pretty much just been forcing myself to "go for it" and end up kinda making it up as I go.
  14. I love the shoes, you clearly have been learning already, but yes the leather appears to be crap. I eagerly plan to make my own shoes one day.
  15. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Do you recommend a certain "paste"?
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