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  1. WyomingSlick I completely agree that the rig exhibits what most of us would call "sloppy" tooling. I'm really just trying to make a companion holster and probably won't use the style again. However, in the manufacturer's defense, that style of floral tooling does have have a ton of texture. Not going to win any awards but for western gear I think it looks pretty authentic. Thanks for the info. I agree that the basic stamp looks like an overlapped pear/thumb shader. Hadn't considered a bar stamp for the crisscross accents so I'll give that a try!
  2. Hi All, I've had a Mexican made gunbelt and holster for a number of years and have decided to make a companion crossdraw holster. I'm trying to copy the tooling style as closely as possible and cannot seem to figure out how they have added texture in the area where one would normally use a pear-shader. I've attached a couple of pictures. Anyone have any ideas about what tools and how to use them in order to get that effect?
  3. Two thin coats of extra virgin olive oil on your skirting AFTER you've tooled it and let it dry will make the impressions show up a little darker. I know what you mean about W&C's harness leather, it takes embossing very well for a finished leather.
  4. Well that was fast hahaha. Thanks for the info!
  5. I recently purchased a Landis #1 from a fellow down the road who is scaling down his business. I've scoured the internet and found lots of people who own them but no one ever seems to mention what size or type of thread they are running. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciate. Also, if you know of a source for the thread in Canada that would be even better! Cheers
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