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  1. Hadn't seen those before. The halo range looks just the job. Thanks.
  2. It's duochrome nail polish. Sometimes called chromatic, chameleon or flip metal. The piece it's on is about 6" square.
  3. Thanks. It's a stag beetle. The colour is chromatic. So it changes from a dull bronze to an iridescent purple in the light.
  4. My latest bit of leather bashing.<br />
  5. Thanks everyone! About palm sized I shaped it a little with my thumb whilst wet.
  6. Here's my latest tooling project. Cheers Mike
  7. Finally got around to finishing it. Just an ordinary journal But just as when fossil hunting, sometimes you have to turn over a rock or two... Any comments welcome. Cheers Mike
  8. Yes. Got a pinterest board full of them. My dilemma, I guess, is whether to try and make it look like stone, or like leather. Going to experiment tonight. Thanks Mike
  9. Just to reiterate. Those last two aren't mine. Just examples I found whilst researching a finish. They are very cool though.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments everyone.Still undecided about the final finish. I did some googling for anything similar and found this picture of a piece (unfinished) and I really like the high contrast between the black details and the natural leather. The finished piece is all in black and I think loses its wow factor a little. Looking at the other (similar) pieces on the site I think light on dark is "OK" but something isn't quite right. Site www.mrvlw.com/?page_id=420 image (not my work) Here's the light on dark finish the same person did:
  11. Hi Everyone Working on this for a fossil hunting journal (image is approx Double actual size): Wondered about ideas for the dye job. Was thinking maybe a very weak black wash then a resist on the bones then a black finish on the rest - leaving the bones grey - or perhaps Darken the fossil, but leave the rest lighter? Any ideas, examples etc.? Thanks Mike
  12. I got one of these a couple of weeks back. Needed a sharpen but does the job very well and at a good price.
  13. Just saying hello I'm Mike - from the UK (North Yorkshire). Signed up to turn what is the occasional dabble into a more lucrative hobby. Looking forward to learning loads. Cheers Mike
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