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  1. Thank you so much Tree Reaper, I am grateful for the pics and assistance. I got her figured out and back to her owner, who is thrilled to have her back.
  2. Cowboy Bob & Gregg, Thank you both for the advice and tips. I got back to the 7-34 today and it is making a much better stitch. I fabricated a stopper for the checkspring out of some aluminum plate until I can track down the original. Now I am finding the stitch length is changing as I sew but I'm not dropping stiches anymore. (One step forward...haha) I'm sewing scrap leather, two pieces of equal thickness @ 1/8", looks like belt leather to me. The outside walking foot springs back just fine without leather but is erratic when leather is underfoot with and without thread. Someone brazed the foot to the bar so I am wondering if I should lower the feed dogs a titch or see if getting a new spring for the outside foot bar is in order. Or a new bar and foot for that matter. I'm also missing the teflon protector on the opposite side of the bar but it doesn't seem like that would effect the length? If you have any ideas on what can be done about that I am all ears. Thanks for the time and attention!
  3. I am repairing a Singer 7-34 which has been previously jury rigged and was missing parts. I have the parts manual to the machine and have gotten original parts but honestly I have trouble figuring out how the assembly goes together. Does anyone have a working 7-34 they could take a close up photo of? Preferably the Tension assembly all put together and one of the assembly broken down in order of assembly? The check spring stop I have on the machine is not original and I am going to track that down. I took some photos of what I have for the assembly right now. The check spring is new, but I really can't tell based on the manual if it's the right one or not. Hope someone has some experience with this. It's sewing okay except I have to stop the check spring manualy or it won't form a loop and the bobbin thread isn't getting pulled to the middle. Cheers! Chris Eisenman
  4. Thanks for the tip Tree Reaper! I'm still looking for the correct adjustment specs on that eccentric screw though. It's my understanding that one should be able to move the stitch length lever up until it stops without adjustment and it will go back into the previous stitch holes. Is this inaccurate? Since I have already moved it out of whatever position it was in, I'm looking to get it back to specs. I've never had so much trouble with a machine before...
  5. Does anyone know the proper adjustment for the Feed Adjustment Link eccentric screw in a 441 Clone? It's not in the enginner manual. I am having trouble with the reverse stitch matching up to the previouys stitch holes. Sometimes it reverses to every other stitch, sometimes the first reverse stitch is off, but the stich width is spot on if I manually position it. Sometimes the stitch is off by 1 mm on every one. Took some photos to show what adjustment point I am talking about. The Front View pic shows the screw under the stitch length lever to loosen the eccentric screw shown in the side view pic. I have tried multiple settings but to no avail. It's my understanding that if I hit the correct setting, any stitch made in forward mode can be reversed into previous stitches. I have been able to pull this off with 11mm stitches but not 6mm. Also, are there other areas needing readjustment after messing with this part of the 441? Seems like it's throwing off the walking foot hieght.
  6. www.thethreadexchange.com/ They carry nylon thread in various sizes.
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