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    I started doing leatherwork in 1967 as a kid, and I've kept it up as a hobby all my life. I'm now starting a small custom leathercraft business in Australia.

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    Biker gear, saddlery, harness & tack, cases, tooling, fetish gear, accessories
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    Anything I don't already know
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  1. Hi, I'm Wulf, and I live in Elizabeth. I've been working leather for over 40 years, and have recently opened an online business doing custom work. My website should be live as of tomorrow, so feel free to drop in... http://leatherforge.com.au/ I am Hide & Hammer Leather Forge, and there are some pics of my work somewhere on this site, if I can remember where I put'em...*g*
  2. I live in Elizabeth East, a suburb of Adelaide. I just posted a small gallery of stuff in the "Our leatherwork" area, I hope I got it right and the pics show up...*l*
  3. howdy, y'all, I'm Wulf Zeiler. Some folks in the SCA, Kingdom of Ansteorra (Oklahoma & Texas), know me as THL Bjoulf Jahrnhamr, and I've been a leather crafter, bladesmith, and armorer most of my life. About 7 years ago I moved to Australia and got married, and now I'm starting a small custom leather shop here in Adelaide. In my time, I've done it ALL in leather, from saddlemaking to leather combat armor.You name the tool, i've probably made a case for it. Holsters and scabbards, particularly left handed versions, vests, chaps, wallets, belts, handbags, fetish gear, and many others too numerous to list. I've worked at everything in tooling and embossing from Stohlman-style western traditional to customized Celtic knotwork and zoomorphics. I've made cases for cell phones, Ebook readers, saddle bags, tool rolls, moccasins and sandals of all kinds, you name it, I've probably already made one. If I haven't, gove me the details and specs and I'll give it a try. I'm an old school, 'see it in your head, then make it with your hands' crafter, and there's nothing I won't take a shot at. I was born in America, last lived in Jacksonville, FL, and am now a citizen of Australia.
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