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  1. Brian, can you send me a dropbox link? tucker6591 @ g mail .com
  2. Tucker6591

    The Gathering

    Thanks Buck, I've checked it out, but still trying to get an idea of the event. Do I need to sign up? Can beginners come and just check it out? Can I just come on one day or two? What all does the gathering entail (ie classes, education, or demonstrations)? It looks like someone said there will be a tentative schedule coming soon so I'll keep and eye out for that.
  3. Tucker6591

    The Gathering

    I'm thinking about getting into rawhide, and still contemplating on whether to go or not...It's only a hour or so from my house. What exactly is the gathering?...a bunch of old men swapping stories and tricks? or more like a convention of sorts? I don't want to go if I've got nothing to offer (I'm a beginner), but it would be cool to meet some of these guys and get some advice.
  4. whoa talk about a crazy long bump!
  5. Tucker6591

    Ginfer Knot

    Aw welcome to Leatherworker.net Stormedrane! EDIT: nvm Just saw you're a member since 2008, just guess I've never seen you post before.
  6. Electrical tape works pretty well for me. Its stiff and you can resize it by cutting with a knife if need be.
  7. Hey Brian where do you get your roo lace?
  8. Tucker6591

    Rope Knots

    Has anyone seen a rope knot, or as I call it a horn knot, made out of leather? I've variations of horn knots with nylon, paracord, and I've seen them make of rawhide. But has anyone seen them made out of leather strings? The only problem I can think of when making one begs the question of how you secure the ends.
  9. I am too interested in where most get there rawhide from, if they are not making it already. Rawhidelady, where do you get your calf lacing that you used in the bracelet thread?
  10. Thats a pretty good idea for the mecate. I am unable to use that technique since I create a four strand loop on one end.
  11. Btw...here is the next set of halters that I'm working on. I have multiple colors for the stripes and the first one I chose to make it the black/red combination.
  12. True but so is leather and rawhide. Only as strong as the weakest link. We store all of our tack in a room in our barn so it would take many years of sun to degrade the paracord.
  13. Louisiana, I tie those ring knots pretty tight, so you can pull on the two ropes as hard as you can and neither will budge. Although, this dam horse set back on the halter the other day and it busted the loop on the lead rope part, and also slipped through the ring knots. So its strong, but not stronger than a horse.
  14. Thanks yall, I'm really starting to get the hang of making these halters. Here is another pic of the next one that I've started. The color looks pretty wierd, but its what my brother wanted so... I formed a loop with a 4 strand round braid and then finished to next 8 feet with an 8 strand round braid. I finished it off by using a 4 strand diamond stopper knot (not pictured) and then doubled it with the other 4 remaining strands, The picture is a little rough due to the light, but anyway here it is:
  15. Here are some picture of a new halter I just finished up... I used 4 & 8 strand round braids, a couple of turks heads, and spanish ring knots. Here you go, hope there not too big.
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