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  1. I meant to say 'run all eight laces through it.'
  2. Just end it with a 4 strand knot (often called a foundation knot) and run all four laces through it. You want to make it fancier, make a pineapple knot around it.
  3. I’m wondering if you can point me in the direction for a 6 strand round braid with a core, how to attach it on the finished end to a clip for a bag.  I understand the starting, it’s the ending that I need a resource.  I assume it is back-weaving but can’t figure it out!  Thanks!


  4. I've attached many round braided straps to totes using a what Grant calls a two-thong four-part applique braid (Plate 185). My straps are done with 8 thong (no core). You can see them at the Following page. http://www.andersonleather.com/leather_tote_bags.html I'd be sure to finish the ends better than Grants.
  5. Now realizing that you are using a different braid than I use ...I have some correcting and editing to do to my initial post. I referring to using the edge braid on Grant's page 299. I have braided around corners many times. What I do is mark the holes in a straight line to and from the corner, then I indent the corner hole a bit and braid around the corner like it isn't there. In regards to the ending of this braid ...if you are using a single lace in a forward three holes, back two ...with the tucks = when you come to the end you continue just by going forward two and back one using the same tucks.
  6. braider


    I just thought I'd mention that there is another book titled 'Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work' by Raoul Graumont and John Hensel - Cornell Maritime Press, Inc. that is a large quite extensive book on this subject. ...Dave
  7. I think I might be doing a lot of the type of work you are talking about. The best way for me to show you them is to direct you to my web site. If you have any questions about any particular one, get back to me and I'll try to answer them. www.andersonleather.com
  8. When I do round edge braiding I do it like the top of grant's plate 120 ...and just continue like there is no corner. I don't think you can go through a hole twice with round rdge braiding ...like you can with the Spanish edge lacing. Sometimes I'll indent that corner hole to make it a bit rounded. ...Dave
  9. Hey shadowryder... I've done quite a number of these over the (40) years. I mostly use 4 ounce moccasin cowhide ...I have used garment cowhide. Maybe you could take a look at my work and see if you might then have any further questions about how I go about it. http://www.andersonleather.com/motorcycle_leathers.html ...Dave
  10. Two holes must be added for each pleat - evenly spacing them has worked for me. ...Dave
  11. I think I understand what you are speaking about. I've used pleats when there was too much to gather ...go through three holes to form a pleat. ...Dave
  12. braided motorcycle levers how to braid motorcycle levers - In the book: Grant, Bruce. Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding. Cambridge, MD: Cornell Maritime Press, Inc., 1972. Around the levers was done with a 'Two-Bight Turk's-head of Any Length' on pages 376-77 - Plate 154. The knot used to finish the ends is a 'Two-Thong Turk's-head Button' on pages 274-5 - Plate 109 This is how I've been doing them for many years - it's done with a single strand of leather - it's two ends hanging. My request would be to see pictures of other folks' lever/s braiding posted here. ...Dave
  13. Greetings... I'm Dave Anderson of http://www.andersonleather.com/ While I thank the 'David' for the plug, I'd like to point out that "David' is not me trying to plug my site.
  14. Hi Heather... While I have done lots of braiding - I haven't used much rawhide at all - I also don't build tack. What I do know is that you can start braiding with an 8 strand flat braid and then continue it into two 4 strand round braids. That may be another way of doing it rather than flattening a round braid. ...Dave
  15. I'm under the impression that F5 is just a refresh/reload. Ctrl + F5 is the forced refresh. ...Dave
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