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  1. Assorted d-rings, mostly welded $35 shipped cont US. Tray not included.
  2. Assorted mostly Brass & Nickel hardware, approx 7lbs worth. $165 Shipped cont US.
  3. Solar Guard 2 new spools, 1lb each $35 shipped cont US
  4. I like your End of Trail arrow! If you're open to suggestions: Place the center of your snap 3/4" from the edge of the flap. Smaller stitch holes would improve the finished look. Better yet, get or make a stitching awl. A stitch groove will help protect the thread.
  5. The last Christmas show I did, $15 items were the sweet spot for the vendors around me. The only thing I had at that price point were a few card wallets. Your area may be different.
  6. Lot of 38 as shown for 1 1/2" belts. $$ maker at shows. $110 shipped in con USA
  7. Roq

    Cowboy 0797 For Sale

    Lightly used Cowboy 0797 with servo motor runs happily along sewing up to 3/8" thick leather, canvas, webbing etc. using up to 138 thread and can run 210 top with 138 bottom. I have used it for bags, wallets, belts, holsters, knife sheaths and other items. I will include thread shown in 92 138 & 210, needles, edge guide & approx 20 bobbins. I prefer local pickup in north east PA as shipping for the head and motor sans table to Long Island NY is $120 and the left coast is around $170. $970 plus shipping
  8. http://springfieldleather.com/hermann-oak-b-back-78
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