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  1. Thanks Mike, you break this down where it makes a lot more sense. I had used cpanel before and I was trying to avoid it. It was always a guess as to what I was doing. I'll look into it again. I took one more shot at neocities as your explanation made that A-record neocities thing on their little panel more clear to me. It's done for the last time, I'll let it sit for a few days and look into cpanel. I appreciate you spending some much time helping me out.
  2. Mike, I'm going to look into another host. I appreciate all your help. I'm not attached to that domain at GoDaddy. I think I saw somewhere that a domain name can't be transferred until it is over 60 days since it was created; if that's the case I'll just get something else, rather than wait another month. Jason at Godaddy was suggesting that I delete my account since I wasn't going to use them as host so I should probably do that.
  3. So far, it's been days neocities doesn't answer anything but there is a contact link. You'd think after a week they'd reply.
  4. No luck with the customer support at GoDaddy over the phone; jason over there said they do not provide customer service to third party hosting. I continue to fuss with it. I finally figured out how to get the GoD dns-management menu to show me an A-record and managed to get it to save my entries but I have no idea if I entered the right data. After I save the A-record there was an option for the AAAA-record so I've tried that one also. It could be that an hour is not long enough, but it's been about that long. If it comes up I'll post that here. What I'm getting right now if I search for https://www.txgunleather.com is: This site can't be reached ..... www.txgunleather.com's server DNS address could not be found. ... DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NIXDOMAIN ... and there is a reload button that just ditto's this message so far. Back to fussing with it.
  5. Thanks Mike, I'll post feedback in awhile. I may be there and only need to flush my browsers. I've used Win 10, IE and Edge, and Ubuntu - Chromium. I'll work on flushing all and if it's not that I'll phone GoDaddy.
  6. Thanks Mike, I have found some of the settings at neociies but GoDaddy won't take them when I try to save them. I did get this far, but like you said it's only a subdomain: txgunleather.neocities.org ... Neocities is telling me what my "A Record" and "AAAA Record" and that they point to my domain, but I'm in the wrong place on GoDaddy apparently. I'll keep fussing with it. I appreciate you taking the time as this definitely helps to understand what I need to do.
  7. Thanks for the tip, good info to know. I actually just tried txgunleather.com and it now takes me to the neocities sign-in page. I didn't ignore what you suggest and tried http://txgunleather.com and got the same. When I sign-in I get my account and I can see my uploads, the only option is to edit them and from there I can "view" the website - except when I select view I get the message in my original post. I will attempt to get a response from them. If I get some help from them I'll come back here and note that in case someone else decides to use neocities. Not sure I have the terms right but I assume neocities is my host since I purchased my domain name and can supposedly according to GoDaddy's site use it on a long list of other hosts or whatever is used. GoDaddy doesn't list neocities so that may be the rub. I may have to look else where, but for now I'll try to contact them. Many thanks for your reply. ~Bill
  8. I need to help on my website which I built on neocities.org. I had about half my pages uploaded over there as well as the images for those pages. I was using their free version and every thing worked ok. I had looked into their paid version, they call it supporter and "I think" with that they allow you to use your own url. I obtained the domain of txgunleather.com from GoDaddy and just parked it there not wanting to use GoDaddy. Then I joined neocities opensource version which has considerably more space and bandwidth. Next I tried to point, link to, whatever the term is, to my domain name and now instead of being able to view my webpages as before I get the following on a "new blank page." Most of this text is hper-links ... Hmmm...can’t reach this page Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address: https://txgunleather.com Search for "https://txgunleather.com" on Bing Refresh the page Details There was a temporary DNS error. Try refreshing the page. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND I've tried to refresh the page multiple times and that does not work. I entered the url in the address bar on three different browers, two computers and an iphone and it takes me to neocities.org website. If I'm signed in on neocities, it take me to my profile there but it does not find the website. Does anyone use neocities as their host, or is anyone familiar with neocities that can give me any advice? Thanks in advance for any ideas. ~Bill
  9. I ordered from CR, we'll see if that's any good. Thanks for the tips.
  10. Ferdco seems to have gone away, what's a good source of 207 bonded poly?
  11. Anyone know a source of 8-32 X 1/4 inch, need the head to be about .50 in diameter? These are common on some of the large holster makers products, but I haven't found them on-line or in local stores. Any replies are appreciated. ~Bill
  12. Billsotx

    DVDs For Sale

    The Burrows DVD on Sheaths is sold - thanks Aaron. The DVD - Making a Turk's Head Bracelet by Robert Black – $30.00 is still available.
  13. Billsotx

    DVDs For Sale

    The sheath dvd set is still available, a message was sent. You can email me at texasholsters-at-gmail-dot-come if you'd like. Many thanks for your inquiry. ~Bill
  14. Billsotx

    DVDs For Sale

    Drawing Western Scroll Designs is sold. Many thanks to Ken for that purchase.
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