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  1. rburson

    Desperate newbie

    Always thread machine with presser foot in raised position to release tension and allow the thread to drop properly into tension disks Also remember to hold both top and bottom tread securely in your hand when starting the first couple stitches to prevent it from getting tangled and making a mess My 2 cents
  2. rburson

    Servo motor

    I have a 111w152 fitted with a servo and 45 mm pulley and a needle positioner. I like that 1 tap of pedal will take needle down thru 1 full stitch just till it is starting on way up no missed stitches. With no reverse on this machine I can start out facing backwards tap 3 taps and no I will have 3 complete stitches then turn my work around and run it at a very comfortable speed with the servo motor speed set at 500 rpm top speed.Then when I reach end of my stitching 1 tap with heel on front of the pedal and the needle goes to the top and I can release presser foot and pull work out no manual hand wheeling at all. When I first installed it I had it stopping at very bottom and would skip stitches and I would have to work the hand wheel to get the thread to release from the rotating hook assembly.I can punch thru about 3/8" of leather with no problem 1 stitch at a time.