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  1. I have a almost brand new Cobra class 4 premium package, only been used less than 1 hour total sewing time. I do leather work as a hobby/part time extra job and I thought I would use it more but still prefer to hand stitch. I paid a lot more for it but I just do not really use it and it just takes up space in my shop, so here is your chance to get an almost brand new machine at quite a discount. I do also have the tabletop which is not mounted. I am just West of Fort Worth, TX and prefer not to ship, I would rather you pickup here but would drive to meet within a reasonable distance for a small fee for fuel and time (around the North TX, South OK area). Just contact me if you are interested. I need this gone pretty quickly so I am going to go ahead and put aside the back and forth with the price of this machine which sells for $2795 before tax and shipping, and just go with the first offer of $2300 cash and you pick it up gets it.
  2. I am making these ribbons for my wife, she is the caretaker of a horse boarding and training facility and she organized this (her first) trail competition and it is taking place this weekend (yes I know Halloween was last weekend) so time is not on my side, I want it to go well and wanted to make some nice ribbons. I was happy to be almost complete tonight and then ran into this. How to securely attach these center buttons to the bow. I know I could glue it but there is very little surface area and I have already applied saddle lac to waterproof the colored portion and bee natural RTC to the buttons so I don't think the glue would adhere very well even if I scuffed it with so little to hang on to and the bows are somewhat ... Springy ... For lack of a better word so the glue would have constant pressure. I know this might be a stretch, but has anyone done anything like these before and might have a suggestion? I don't want a center piece popping out.