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  1. Wayne Jueske of Elko Nv makes a real good lace cutter and very solid. He also makes leather tools. there's other references on braiding site on facebook. Joe
  2. What brand did you buy and why? Im looking to buy and looking for recommendations. As for the Dies Texas Dies in Mansfield Texas makes them top quality and reasonable prices. Thnx, Joe americasaddle@hotmail.com
  3. Hello from Waco Tx. looking for a clicker press and wondering what brand to get. Why did you get a Schwabe? are there any parts available and who fixes them. Is there a circuit board replacement? have you had any problems with the seals? what size bed is yours and is it big enough to cut saddle skirts any advice greatly appreciated. I'm looking at the Hudson. americasaddle@hotmail.com
  4. how much for the clicker presses. Wher in Chicago are you? americasaddle@hotmail.com
  5. Hello how old is it and how much are you selling it for if you still have it. Im in Waco Tx. Thnx Joe americasaddle@hotmail.com
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