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  1. I make leather wrapped architectural wall panels. I take mat board as used for picture frames and wrap them with 1/16" thick finished leather then stitch the perimeter as a detail.

    On a recent project, after I installed with contact adhesive they shrunk revealing a 1/8" gap between the panels on the wall. They were tight to each other when I left them for a couple days.

    Anyone know why this happens?

  2. I reside in Colorado and have been working with leather on and off since the early 70's.

    My interest started with making sandals and sewing leather patches on Levi's to cover holes and such.

    Most of my leather work now is wrapping hand railings and putting leather on walls among other projects.

    I play guitar and make straps too, as I noticed others here do.

    I hope I can learn from some folks here and maybe lend some expertise at what I do best.

    There are some wallet projects I've seen here that are calling me.....


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