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  1. i have a old champion 30  and it worked then all at once the bobbin thread want be tight i have no Manual  or have never talked to any one that has one ----any help or advise or where any one that had a manual could make me a copy of how to adjust bobbin  

    1. HBARK


      I'm not sure why  that would happen.I don"t have a manual.Bob at Toledo Sewing Machines has a number of these machines.He may be able to help or may even have a manual.sounds like the bobbin thread is pinched or caught on something.sorry I can"t be of more help.






    2. beranch


      thanks --i have talked to cowboy bob no luck ---went to shop today put piece scrap in sew it the best worked great today ---i don't  know how to adjust switch or anything -- i will keep asking about a manual --and looking in shoe shops that may still be using one of the old beast --thank you for you time BE

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