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  1. WanderingAoki

    Big red sharpening jig

    I'll try that, thank you.
  2. WanderingAoki

    Big red sharpening jig

    I suppose he sold it I can't seem to find it. I appreciate it.
  3. WanderingAoki

    Big red sharpening jig

    Hello everyone, I have been looking to find Chuck Smith's big red swivel knife sharpening jig and I can't find one for sale and it doesn't seem to be on his site anymore. Does anyone know if there is a place that sells one or has he discontinued making them. Thank you all. Andy
  4. WanderingAoki

    Stohlman Flat Head Maul

    From what I've heard about Barry's Mauls, they are exceptional. I know acouple of guys that own one. I'm thinking of ordering one myself. That or a BearMaul by Ed Labarre.
  5. WanderingAoki

    Stohlman Flat Head Maul

    In my humble opinion the Stohlman Flat maul is a pretty decent upgrade compared to any starter mallet. If your looking to exchange for another style I recommend The Stohlman round 1 lbs maul, its roughly the same price and weight. My only complaint/concern about the flat head (through my own experience) Is that the nut at the bottom can loosen and be a pain. Altho it could have been a defect in that particular maul. Best of luck. Keep Tooling!