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  1. TwoCrow

    Adler 205

    I'm in search of a used Adler 205 sewing machine. Any leads would be appreciated
  2. two crows, ever live in Anniston Alabama?

  3. I have a few tools for sale that I hope someone can use. Items include: W. Rose Head knife Gomph edgers (#2,#3,#4) Gomph French edger Gomph adjustable creaser Two unmarked push beaders Channeler No makers mark but has PAT'D July 30:78 Braiding awl Collar awl The handles are covered with kangaroo and are not covering any splits or cracks. I would like to sell the Lot for $300. Thanks for looking,
  4. TwoCrow

    Singer 16-188

    I have a Singer 16-188 for sale, asking $300. Located in west central IL.
  5. I recently picked up an American leather splitter that needs a little help. The mechanism used to adjust the cutting depth is busted. I am looking for someone who might have the part I need or know someone who does. I have attached a photo of what is left of the part I am looking for. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. TwoCrow

    Rawhide Questions

    I was happy with the lace I got from the u-Braid-it web site. Look under the "Supplies" then click "Leather Lace".
  7. TwoCrow

    Kitchen Utensil

    I was rummaging through an antique shop and I ran across this W.Rose head knife in with some kitchen utensil. I payed the seven dollars they were asking(I figured the price was fair) and skipped out of the store. It needed some work so I took to sharpening it and threw some roo around the handle. The edge it carries is scary sharp. I'm not sure what the knife is really worth but I'm sure I can get my money back. You never know what you might find and where you will find it.
  8. I posted this short tutorial in the "How do I do that" forum a long time back. A few people in this forum have been curious since then about covering tool handles. First I start with the ground work. I started with a long pineapple knot Added the first interweave The second interweave won't go through the whole knot The third and finale interweave I used only goes around the largest part of the handle. The knot is done. That's how I cover my old tool handles! I'm not much of a braider and hope I'm not leading anyone a stray. Best of luck,
  9. TwoCrow

    pineapple question

    In the post "Lacing on Tools" by Duke I put a short tutorial on how to cover tools handles. You might take a look and see if it helps. It shows pictures of the interweaves going into a long-pineapple.
  10. TwoCrow

    Horse tooth

    A guy gave me a horse tooth and some horse hair from a mare he had for years. I hope he likes what I come up with. Let me know what you think thanks, Luke
  11. TwoCrow

    Who sells a good head knife?

    I have a couple of old W. Rose round knives. It's scary how sharp you can get them but I haven't heard anybody talk about them. Are there many of those knives out there and what do you think of them?
  12. TwoCrow

    Bear Claw?

    A friend of mine gave me several bear claws to cover and told me to use my imagination. I quickly realized a bear claw isn't that easy to cover. I'm looking for project ideas and how you all prepare your ground work. I just made a key fob I think will work but I need help. Pictures of your bear claw projects would be a big help. thanks, Luke
  13. TwoCrow

    Push Beveler

    Here are a couple of push bevelers I have made out of a couple old single edge creasers. One is a single edge and the other a double. You can fix the angle to what works for you. I picked up the old tools for a couple bucks and used a file to fix the heads. Hope this helps,
  14. TwoCrow

    Rein Weights

    I thank you all for the input. I think I will get some nice rein chains (I posted help in Hardware, no reply yet) and not go crazy with the buttons.