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  1. Thanks big sioux. By oil tanned i mean pull up
  2. ok so i was tinkering and i managed to get a somehat burnish on oil tanned leather if i put more time in i could probbly get it pretty nice. I want to start making bags and i really dont have the experience to know how bridle oil tanned or latigo acts when it comes to burnishing. I want to make bags but want to be able to get a good smooth edge. Any suggestions on types of leather i should use? My first bag will most likely be made of veg tan because thats what i have plenty of to make mistakes with as i learn.
  3. Thanks davidL ifound something saying that this morning but it was on wikipedia so i really didnt know if it was true or not. But i didnt ask the tanneries directly so whenever i get a response ill post it
  4. http://www.americanbisonleather.com/bison-leather/vegetable-tanned-leather/ This is the site i found the 25% re tan thing i think im just gonna email them and ask the same question anyone who wants to know let me know and ill post their response on here
  5. When trying to find buffalo or bison leather i can only find 30% veg tanned or 30% reveg leather. My question is can u wet mold 30% veg tanned or re veg leather and will it make items rust assuming it has some chrome tanning done to it? Thank you for your time and posts
  6. Ok i can only find somthing called 30% re veg bison leather when searching for a vegetable tanned buffalo leather. My question is can you wet mold 30% veg tanned leather and will is the 70% chrome tanned so will it make metal items rust like chrome tanned does? In general what is it what can i use it for if i buy it? Or does anyone here know where you can get 100% veg tanned leather? Thanks for your time and comments
  7. In general what do you make with what mm or oz leather like if u make holsters or wallets or belts or sheaths just curious to see what people use for their different projects
  8. Ive seen a lot of bison leather products like wallets and bags with the edges unfinished ive heard good things about it durability and softness but i really dont like the look of an unfinished edge. Im just wondering if theres a reason like it doesnt burnish correctly and thats why the edges are left unfinished or is it just a preference?
  9. Thank you. So with thread that thin wat size pricking iron hole would i use the smallest i can find or do you just wheel and awl your holes?
  10. I am new to leather work and i was watching nigel armitage videos. In one video he said depending on how many stitches per inch you do you should have an appropriate thread size so im curious for 7 or 8 stitches per inch on a phone case or wallet do i use the .6 mm thread or .8 or 1. Basically im looking for a general explanation so when i go up to a bag or tablet case i can know what to do. I hope this makes since im not sure im explaining myself right
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