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  1. Hi Linda havnt been on here for a while! I live in england have made a couple english side saddles but its so exciteing to see your saddles i am extremley keen to restore/make something similar. Side saddle riders over here are quite a traditional lot but i have a very keen personal interest. My background/training is an english saddler whip maker but i have started to make western saddles with some help and love it. I have a side saddle i am making now on an mayhew tree but i hope to have the flaps carved however the flaps seat stirrup etc will be in an english style. Bit of a mis match but as close as i can get at the moment. Thank you for postging pictures so nice for me to see!
  2. emma

    camel stamp

    Can anybody help me locate a camel leather stamp. I am in England and there is nothing whatsoever over here would be very grateful for any help/advise
  3. thought i would update my progress showing my english side saddle half made just the panel and leaping head to go!
  4. I think to buy.......would love to make but dont think time will allow.
  5. Hi, i am a saddler in England. I am looking for a cutting saddle finding it very hard to locate a quality saddle over here. Would be very grateful for any advice regarding this. Any recommendations would be really helpful.
  6. emma

    my work

    Funny you should say that! someone has been asking me to make a kinda cross breed saddle basically an english saddle on a western tree. i dont know if it would work? i can see the good points of both english and western saddles and think in theory it would be great to combine them but i am not sure that there is a cross over that would actually work and produce a nice saddle......maybe one day when i have time i'll have a try!
  7. emma

    my work

    Thank you all for your very kind comments. Will try and attach some pictures of the English side saddles i have restored and i will be starting an English side saddle from scratch next year so will have some pictures of that next year. I am loving learning about western saddles although there is limited knowledge over here when it comes to western saddles. We do seem to have more people riding western but not so many western saddle makers.
  8. emma

    my work

    this should hopefully be a better one!
  9. emma

    new member

    Thought i should say something about myself as i have finally worked out how to post some pictures! I am a saddler working and living in england. Working mainly on english saddles restoring side saddles (english) and all kind of general saddle work and english bridlework. Also with some help trying to learn how to make western saddles. I have hopefully attached a picture of my first western saddle! in a previous post.
  10. emma

    my work

    hopefully another one
  11. emma

    my work

    Hopefully showing some pictures of my work!
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