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  1. Hi after months of prototyping I finally managed to create several custom Delrin embossing wheels. Here is the poison Ivy one. You can find more on my FB page @stampsforleather let me know what you think.
  2. Inth

    Embossing wheels

    Custom embossing wheels
  3. Inth

    Custom stamps & maker's marks

    Collection of new stamps and maker's marks from my store stamps-for-leather.com Enjoy
  4. not sure if this will do but I may help http://stamps-for-leather.com/en/
  5. Inth

    3x3 Tree of life

    thanks there will be more, I am also open for suggestions
  6. Greetings fellow leather workers For many years during my journey with leather working I have always been a huge fan of embossing. I was never very good at beveling therefore I always focused more on embossing anything i could find - bottle cap, coin, brooch, literally anything that could create something unique. Well as you can imagine this was a huge limitation for my products and for my creativity, having only what was available on the market plus all these random things didn't give me much of freedom. After a whole year of searching for a good reliable, durable and price reasonable solution + many failed tests I managed to find one which I would like to share with you today. My goal form the beginning was to find a solution that would be affordable so People can finally create their own stamps or even whole collections without spending tons of money on it. My online store has been only recently put online so please bare with me and my limited offer but I assure you that the offer will grow. Every week I try to add new designs. Custom requests are available all the time. since I am based in Europe I also tried to find a reasonable shipping solution to US and here how it looks: regular airmail: ~5$ Courier:~15$ WWW: stamps-for-leather.com FB: Facebook page Please share with me your suggestions, and feel free to comment Best regards Inth few samples:
  7. Hi Mat greetings from Warsaw, could you try to reupload the pics ? best regards
  8. Hi Fullmetalsam care to share some photos of your stamp and results ? best regards
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