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  1. Thank you for all your kind words, this will be the last post i make on here as i am finding it too painful, i am also aware that this is not the place for these types of posts, it is nice for me to know there are still good people in this sometimes selfish world, so take care my friends. Peace.
  2. Zulu i was not sure wether to mention my reasons for being unable to post as i really do not want any sympathy, however i have been quite taken aback by some of the kindness i have been shown so maybe i owe it to say that i literally will not be around much longer and so will be spending all my time from now on with my familly ,thank you for all your kindness, and i apologize if this post turns out to be a mistake on my part.
  3. Unfortunately due to personal issues i will no longer be able to post on this forum. However as i have come to know some members quite well i felt i had to say goodbye and thank you to all who have helped me since i joined. So good luck to all of you and thank you for sharing your slkills and knowledge with me Peace.
  4. Thank you for the explanation, i thought it might have been vinigeroon as i have heard that it gives a grey type colour but your way sounds a bit better and obviously works, thanks again, keep posting.
  5. Hello awnova, this is great looking, but please do not tease us and tell us how you achieved the metal looking effect.
  6. Is it wrong that i get excited by these pictures.
  7. Well i for one cannot wait for that to happen, i will keep my eyes posted on you tube.
  8. Now that is interesting, would you mind telling us a bit more about how you use these woodstains, do you have to apply coditioner, finishes that sort of thing, does it tend to stiffen the leather any more than dedicated leather dyes?Oh and nearly forgot to say fantastic looking holster
  9. Hey that is great news bigmatt, i am very happy for you, now you can get on with the next one.
  10. Hi Horseshoe, this is absolutely stunning, i cannot find any more words i am so blown away with how nice this looks.
  11. Hi Bigmatt, that is absolutely fantastic, is it for yourself or a customer, unless your into leathercraft i do not think a lot of people realize how much work something like this takes,it truly is a work of art. I am also very jealous of your stitching pony.Take care.
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time out to give me some words of encouragement , it really means a lot to me. It is aslo nice to know that a professional like yourself is doing their bit to encourage youngsters to become interested in hand crafts. I know a lot of people would not feel they have the time to show young people their skills but without people like you in the world crafts such as this would eventually dissapear. I am no youngster anymore but i know i have never forgotten those times as a young boy when someone older took the time to show me a little kindness, it never leaves you and contributes towards the person you become as you get older,take care my friend. Peace.
  13. Well i am sorry to sound like a broken record but i am compelled to say thank you once again for the kind responses to my post, and thaks for the tip jwalker about the Barry king swivel knife, this is an area of leathercraft i really want to develop as i think leather goods when properly decorated with tooling looks truly stunning, my dream is to create pieces that go from people saying that's nice to saying WOW I want one of those. Peace my friends.
  14. Sorry Thor, i am not sure i understand what you mean, i think it is fairly common for people to glue projects prior to hand stitching in order to hold awkward pieces together for stitch marking and then the final stitching, i know it helps me. I am quite new to leatherwork so i am open to any suggestions or advice on easier ways to do things.
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