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    I just noticed this was running 1/2 down the page so deleted it all. I'll shorten it to I like a lot of things, especially creating things from curtains to conchos and beyond :-)

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    Actually my partner did somehow

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  1. Happy Birthday Johanna. 


    1. RockyAussie


      Happy birthday to you....

    2. Johanna


      Thank you! How quickly the years are flying by! :)

  2. Happy 4th of July to all you lucky Americans. The rest of you have a good day too!!!!

  3. Art what a great post. I get so tired of people complaining when they take absolutely no responsibility themselves.I was at SLC yesterday and saw some bracelets on sale for $2.99. I clicked on the link and it said they were 3.50. I could've have ordered and expected SLC to figure out the mistake and go fishing, or call them and figure out what was up. I know if I had a box full of receipts of returns, I'd simply not order there again, even if it was my own damn fault. Cheryl
  4. Ray......will you sell these individually? I'd like to have everything but the blacks, I use vinegaroon. Cheryl
  5. This is terrible news. Barry take care of yourself. Cheryl
  6. Jeff you order from them all the time when your other companies can't ship fast enough. Did they pee in your Cheerios? Hundreds of us have said what Mike did, I've never been unsatisfied with their services. And I saw HO at Sheridan so I have seen a good hide, there AND at SLC. Cheryl
  7. Daryl, I liked your article so well I went to the home page where they offer more advice. Craft fair people tons of advice here..... http://www.creativeincomeblog.com/author/creativeincome/

  8. Where are you located? Cheryl
  9. DoubleC

    I'm Back

    Hi Mike. So glad you're back. Cheryl
  10. I'm going to be selling dog collar kits soon for people who want to make a collar for their dogs with their kids, or on their own. They will be easy to do but high quality parts. I don't have any kits yet but they will contain everything you need including the holes clicked out, buckle sets or brass buckle and D, and the chicago screws to put them together. I was researching these to come up with a price point and found out that Springfield Leather Company has collar kits you can buy, along with other kits if you don't have a dog. Also Tandy has kits and although the including things aren't all that great, they are a great way to learn how to do something before you jump in the deep end. I hope this information helps. I think kits are a great way to start out. Cheryl
  11. Alcohol dyes especially stiffens and dries out the leather. Before I put on my final finish I use bag balm to soften the leather and add some moisture back into it. It is Lanolin based and doesn't change the color. Other people use fncier things but I like bag balm. Cheryl
  12. I think you critique way too hard. I think it's beautiful. Cheryl
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