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  1. Ok:) I'll just order a bottle and see for myself:) Thanks for the help!
  2. Thank you! Have you also tried the spray version? If yes, do they give compareable results? As I said, I already use the spray version, my Norwegian supplier only sell that one. I really like the results I am getting with it, but as I said, spraying In my living room is not a great solution.Happy new year!
  3. thanks for the reply. I know of the other alternatives, but have not tried resolene (neighter this is supplied here In Norway, I think). I have however tried the Tandy eco-flo, both super sheen and satin sheen. I did not like them nearly as much as the spray, and was therefor wondering if someone had used the one wich comes in a bottle with the same name. The super sheen gave kind of a plasticy feel.
  4. Hello! Anybody used Fiebing's leather sheen, both liquid and spray version? Are they giving compareable results? I have a can of the spray version, and really like the results it gives. Problem is, I live in a small apartment, with my working space in my living room. The vapor from the spray is not so pleasing. It is also sometimes problems going outside to spray (4-5 months with snow.. So wet everywhere..) So, is thw liquid bottle the same? Can't find a Norwegian supplier who sell the bottled one, so I'll have to order it from abroad, so it would be nice to know before I order some, since shipping will be quite more expensive. Thanks In advance!
  5. Thanks! Then I'll send it back. Just needed to be sure it were something to expect. I'll deal with some smaller blemishes and marks since it is graded 'standard' but this seem like they spilled something on it or whatever. It is like that In 2 places, maby ~ 20x20cm
  6. Yeah. Not really happy with it.. Any ideas what it could be?
  7. Hi all! I just recived a side today, with some marks I have never den before. Anyone knows what this is? Fairly new to the leather world, so haven't recived many sides.. Is this something I should just accept and CUT away? The side was stated 'Standard' quality. Thanks In advance!
  8. Thanks for your replies. I will solve this In a diferent way. Buying machine screws In brass were til expensive for making only one of these.
  9. Yeah, its the long screws that is the problem, but Thanks anyway!
  10. hello all! This is my first post here on the forum. Been lokking around and picking up some tips and tricks. I am just starting out with leatherwork, and so far I really enjoy it. I now have a dificulty finding som really big sam brown studs. A friend of mine saw those wine holders for a bike, and wanted me to make one for him. My dificulties are finding a equal stud as used In the picture he sent me. Anyone know any place I could find something similar? Thanks In advance, Kim-Andre
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