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  1. TooledByML


    Its very satisfying isnt it. Sliding the subject into a well fitting case. It looks really good.
  2. Thankyou. It was a pig to make but very satisfied with the final result
  3. I do like a nice case. My Rolls came in it's original box with instructions
  4. Not for carving but for cutting the leather to size, mainly along a metal rule. Goes through it like butter.
  5. Yes they're the ones. I have used the razor for shaving but I collected old razors for a while and I tend to stick to the same one these days. I will do a google for the SCHICK.
  6. I have just finished making a pouch for a Rolls Razor blade. Depending on what part of the world you are in you may not have heard of these razors. Have a quick search on google and have a look. These razors were ingenious things because the box they came in also contained a clever mechanism to sharpen and strop them at the correct angle so you always had, well, a razor sharp blade. Great for cutting my leather although you do have to remove the guard. The pouch was made because I wanted it close to hand but I didn't want to keep putting it back in its box.
  7. Amazing. It doesn't look like a cut and bevel. How did you do it?
  8. Thanks guys and gals. Keep the advise coming
  9. Rubber glue? Is that pva? The white stuff schools use?
  10. When carving and tooling a plate sized piece of leather how do you stop it turning into a shallow bowl shape? I'm sure someone on here must know a neat method of keeping it flat. Looking forward to your input ladies and gentlemen.
  11. TooledByML


    A Vegvísir (Icelandic 'sign post') is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.
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