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  1. Hello, I made a small introduction in my first post (here, then the second one) on the leather forums a while back, but figured this would be a nice centralized place for me to post images of my friends leather carvings. So, a new introduction... I am a web developer who is posting images of my friends custom leather carvings in the hopes of generating more interest and feedback. He has been creating custom leather carvings for well over a decade and his portfolio covers a wide spectrum of creations. Here is an image of TJ's most recent work - a custom USMC leather-faced clock. Since TJ does not know about this, please visit our website when your schedule permits at customleathercarvings.com, go to the pictures gallery and send him feedback... if you happen to have any! Thanks again for any of your comments and/or support.
  2. Hello all, This post is a follow-up to my last post on January 24th about TJ's Gibson Les Paul guitar carving on a laptop cover. Thank you to those of you for taking time to view TJ's work and sending feedback. Another one of my favorite leather carvings that he did a while back was his underwater sea creatures checkbook leather work. When your schedule permits, please visit his website at www.customleathercarvings.com and send him feedback through the contact form on the showcase gallery page. He loves to hear comments about his work! Thank you, Mike
  3. Me too! Thank you very much for the kind words. If you get the chance, could you also send a quick message through the contact section on customleathercarvings.com/pictures.html? TJ would love to hear directly from you. Thanks again.
  4. Hello All, I am a web designer for a friend, TJ, who enjoys creating custom leather carvings. His gift to me, a laptop cover with a Les Paul, is one of his works that I consider to be his absolute best. His work expands beyond just laptop covers. He has created key chains, iPhone cases, purses, leather face clocks, and much much more (even moccasins!). His website, www.customleathercarvings.com, contains a photo gallery of his work and a page dedicated to explaining why he continues creating his leather carvings. He absolutely loves being asked questions! If you have some spare time and questions, please fill out the form located on the photo gallery page. Thank you for your time and support. Michael
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