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  1. This item has been sold! Thanks for all interest.
  2. I hope it's not bad manners to keep bumping my post every couple months, but I have had a person or two reach out in PMs to ask if this is still available, so I thought it might be worth posting here. Yes, as of today this is still available, hit me up with any additional questions or offers. I will 100% post in here to let everyone know if/when it ends up selling and is no longer available Thanks!
  3. this still available?

    1. TerminusEst


      Hi there,

      Yes, this machine is still available in the bay area. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

  4. While I have had a few people reach out with questions, no one has jumped on this yet. The machine is still available in the Bay area! Thanks for your interest!
  5. Don't know if you saw my post (like 6 threads below this one currently), but I have a very gently used (less than 20 hours) perfect condition Artisan Toro 3200 sewing machine available in the Bay Area for $2000. There are a lot more details and pictures in my post as well as some additional info that other more knowledgeable members posted about it as well. It has worked great for me, I am just changing gears and working toward further grad school so no time left for leatherwork. Figured it couldn't hurt to mention since your location is listed in California, which makes this potentially close. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested or want more details/information.
  6. Been a little while since I last updated. This machine is still available for sale, fyi. Thanks for any interest.
  7. I'm still looking to get $2000 for it. Given the very little use (20 hours total is a very HIGH estimate for the total runtime) and given that it's $2500 new, it's not really worth it to me to accept too much less than that. That being said, Anyone is always welcome to make an offer, worst thing that could happen there is I say no :D
  8. Hey folks, Just letting you all know this is still available, and I am checking this post regularly, and if/when it sells, I will update with a post stating that fact. Thanks!
  9. For the life of me I have no idea why the images were not attached in the first post. I tried to edit them in, tried all kinds of stuff. I THINK I have it now in this followup post. My workbench is a touch cluttered, but it definitely gives a decent impression of the machine. Thanks for any interest!
  10. Hello Everyone, I've been a long time (6 plus years) lurker here, as the information in this forum is invaluable for any aspiring leatherworker, but I have never posted until now, sorry about that. After years as a Bartender, in 2015 I decided to really to to ramp up my leatherworking game and spent some money on a new Artisan Toro 3200 leather sewing machine. Until then, I had mostly been making and selling heavy duty leather belts, but I was interested in doing some bag fabrications, etc. Long story short, I bought the machine, made two bags for myself, and then got into a Master's program in biology and genetics. I am finishing my master's this spring of 2021 and (hopefully) entering a PhD program for the next 5 years or so. All of this has left me with very little time to do any leatherwork. Due to the pandemic, my bartending gig has been shutdown since March 15th of 2020, and right now I have started to struggle a bit to pay my rent and tuition. I figured perhaps it was time to try to sell this machine, as I won't have the time to focus on leatherworking much while I am working toward my PhD. So, I have for sale a 5 year-old, but barely used Artisan Toro 3200 BT (Bench Top) Artisan Website and Product information PDF. Included is the original bag of tools and oil, etc. The Manual, some spare thread and a packet of needles that I picked up, and the perfectly functional sewing machine itself. It has worked flawlessly for me when I have used it over the past 5 years, but probably has no more than 20 total hours put on it (estimated roughly). I have maintained it as best I can, it has always been indoors (in my room to be exact) and been oiled and run at least once a month or so, even when I wasn't using it for long stretches. It was originally ~$2500 (currently $2515 on the artisan website) + tax. I am asking for $2000 for this machine. Cash in hand, if/when you pick it up. I am located in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, CA and you would need to come and pick it up. You will definitely need a vehicle, as it weighs like 150 pounds. I live up a single flight of stairs, and can help wrangle it into your car (I barely managed to get it up by myself, but with two people it would be fairly easy). Because it is the Bench Top model, you will need a table or something to place it on, but it is also a lot more portable, and could fit in the backseat (or possibly trunk, depending on height) of any car. I realize that the Artisan store is located in SF as well, so you could always just buy it new from them, but this machine is in damn-near brand new condition, and you can save yourself $500 by taking it off my hands, plus you get to feel good about yourself for helping me cover my final semester of grad school tuition. Thanks for any interest! -Brendan EDIT: apologies for quality of the photos, the total file size allowed is a lot smaller than I was planning on...And now I am unsure if the images even show up. I attached three photos of the machine to this post, but I cannot see them anywhere, I have probably messed something up in the post. If they don't show up for you, I am more than willing to send photos to any interested parties.
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