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  1. I'm looking for a leather bag stiffener maybe self adhesive, could you guys give me a recommendation..
  2. The Cobra 26 has a speed reduction system already,it will not go real slow like one stitch at a time.The lowest setting is 100
  3. Thank you, I wonder can the Cobra servo motor be slowed down
  4. My Cobra 26 is too fast at small radius bends I have screwed up wallets and bags. The slowest speed it goes is a 100 spm. I have tried every thing but cannot get around those narrow bends..just too fast...any suggestions guys
  5. Seeking Cobra ,Cowboy, etc used sewing machine $2000
  6. do you do trade for a Gibson Les Paul Traditional..Honey Burst ..Immaculate Condition..with excellent carry case..value$2000
  7. Do you do trade Gibson Les Paul Traditional..Honey Burst Immaculate conditon..value $2000
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