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  1. I apoligize for taking so long to get back here. I decided to go with a McCall for now. I really appreciate everyone's advice....except now I've been buying a bunch of leather/saddle tools and am set on making a saddle myself. So here I go down this long and expensive road.... Thanks again!
  2. Billy H, I have wondered if this horse would need a tree made with shorter bars. I've include some older and not great photos. I'll upload better ones this weekend if needed because it's dark before I get home during the week. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the information everyone. I think I have finally found some saddles in or near my price range, but would like you opinion on the company's products before I take the plunge. McCall - http://www.jacksonswesternstore.com/saddles/saddles/mccall/pendleton-association-saddle Also, how decent are the late John the Saddle Man's saddles?
  4. Good to know. Just curious what makes them poor quality. Thanks.
  5. Billy H: That's what I do every day, still no luck. And I agree roofing nails sound cheap (but not being a saddle maker, I don't know if that is actually the case or makes a difference). kseidel: Thanks for your feedback. I found a used McCall Association that was in great condition and a 16.5" seat, but sadley has semi-quarter horse bars. not big enough for my 1/2 quarter, 1/4 Freisen, 1/4 Percheron gelding. Again, thank you both!
  6. Hello. I'm sure more senior forum contributers are tired of this topic, but... I have been combing this site for information about saddle quality and what constitues quality contruction. I know most experts here hold a low opinion of production saddles, and seemingly for good reason. I have been looking for a quality saddle in a 16.5" seat with "FQH" bars/tree with a budget of $2250 (firm), with no luck. Got close, but no luck. My question for all you saddle makers and repairers: In your experience, are there ANY production saddles that show more elements of quality construction, than what is normally expected/observed? For example, I have been eyeing some Reinsman Ranch saddles - http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/reinsman-ranch-saddles.html The shop manager told me that they use 20 guage seat strainers with built up leather ground/shaped seats, Hermann Oak grade 2 and occasionally grade 3 leather, stainless hardware, Precision Kevlar-reinforced trees w/lifetime warranty, etc. The guy was honest enought to tell me that they do use roofing nails (sparringly) in construction some aspect of the saddle. So what say you? ANy good production saddles out there? I will mostly be using it for hunting, trail riding, and maybe some light roping. I also ride dressage, so don't mind a a balanced seat either. Thanks.
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