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  1. A blanket stitch is the same as a running whip stitch....where it goes from one hole ---> over the edge---> and into the next hole - one needle attached to the thread. Most furs are soft and not very strong leather. If you didn't pull it tight and just snug the saddle stitch, I think you will be fine. I used a saddle stitch on rabbit fur when I made my hat. I also used the blanket stitch (whip stitch).
  2. All due to Daniel Boone probably...
  3. This link should take you there (I hope)... https://etsy.me/2PnvH82
  4. Etsy shop by Bonnie Bowman has these available. Also the editor of Blackpowder News in Iowa sells pioneer style patterns. Good luck!
  5. I think your thread is the problem...
  6. @cseeger - did you use the 1/4" or 3/8" or something else in the photos posted on April 5? The soles look thicker than 1/4". I'd like to try this - and would be willing to purchase 2-3 linear feet from you. Can you let me know cost/shipping, etc? I don't yet want to get a full roll...thanks!
  7. I have considered doing just that...have scoured the 'net - and nothing can be found. So before I use "trial n error" on paper - I posted my photos & request today. Thanks, brattgirl.
  8. Thanks for posting. The T slot opened a door to my thinking of our wallet designs. From one Minnesotan to another...nice, eh?
  9. Thanks for all of the photos and the tutorial. I'm a newbie to the group. My wife mentioned the other day about making a pair of flip flops. This thread has got me thinking.... We use fish leather and it is so incredibly strong....the wolffish is a skin fish with no scale pattern. I'm gonna try this as the top layer and see what happens. Will post photos when finished. Happy July 4th ya'all....
  10. Does anyone know of a pattern or template to make a wine glass holder with long strap? We saw one at a local art & wine festival. If I can upload the two photos - it would help you see what I'm asking about. At a wine festival the patrons buy drink tickets and walk around to the various winery booths. But this carrier allows them to hold their glass in between booths. Thanks for any help.
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