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  1. Dwight how are you applying it? I apply 8t with a damp sponge and it removes the die. Antiques I find to be worst.
  2. I have Had it remove so much it changed the color totally and down to the leather especially when using antique gels. Am I applying it wrong?
  3. What is your favorite leather protective covering? How do you apply it? I like Resoline or super Sheene. But when I apply them they remove some of the dye. Sometimes almost completely. Is this Norma? I have tried using air brush but I have not been able to get any of ,y three air brushes to spray.
  4. STETSON912 Do I apply the gel on the whole project then wipe it down?
  5. I am working on a rifle scabbards. I want to apply saddle tan antique gel. What is the best way? Do you apply to the whole project at one time then wipe it down or do you apply it a section at a time then wipe? What is the best thing to use to apply?
  6. Been trying that guess I haven't found the right amount. Struggling with how wet to get the leather. Here is wht I am working with
  7. Anybody here using a 12 ton press to emboss leather? How do you know how much pressure to apply and how do you make sure you can apply that pressure ever time?
  8. I have cleaned them but I still cannot get them to work
  9. I am wanting to spay leather dyes and sealers. I started with just sealers using air brushes but they quit spraying. I had someone tell me they use big spray guns. I was wondering what others are using. What is the best?
  10. DJole that is the design there is a right and a left
  11. Has anyone used these two stamps? Does anyone have pictures? I am trying to come up with a border to put on my Santa belt.
  12. Even though I have been working with leather for while, I still struggle with beveling. Is there a secret to being able to move the beveler along smoothly while tapping on it to get a smooth bevel?
  13. Yes it were their current pants. I was using belt blanks from Tandy's I think they are like 6 or 7oz. They came up around 4 inches too short. So I am working on a belt now for myself. Where should I measure from on the old belt?
  14. I had their pant waist size and 4 inches to that from the buckle to the center hole. Am I missing some measurement? I want to start making more belts but been afraid to.
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