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  1. PappysLeather

    Needing belt bag pattern

    I need a nice belt bag for my Santa belt to carry small trinkets to give kids. Anyone have a nice pattern?
  2. PappysLeather

    Making Belts, The Easy Way

    I followed your instructions on three different belts and they all were too short. What did I do wrong?
  3. PappysLeather

    Leather dyes

    Do leather dyes get old and not work as good? I was applying a dye I have had for awhile and it didn't seem to go on very well.
  4. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    Here is a picture of finished project
  5. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    Will oil base dye penetrate the super sheen I put on it?
  6. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    Is there something else l can use now to help even it out. It has some dull spots where I tried to get dye on it where it came off
  7. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    I used black antique first but wasn't as black as I liked so went over it with usmc black. I buffed it after it was dry with lambs wool.
  8. PappysLeather

    Sealing leather

    What is best to seal leather after dying it? How do apply it without taking the dye off? I think I just ruined a project I was working on for a customer when I was sealing it and it started removing a lot of the black dye. I am about to throw in the towel doing leather work if I cannot dye it and the dye stays on when I seal it. I was spraying super sheen but it had a lot of bubbles and I used a sponge to try to spread it out to get rid of the bubbles. Last time I sprayed it left spots where the bubbles were.
  9. PappysLeather

    Conceal carry holster for middle of back

    Thank you did not think about that. Can it be off to the side but still considered in the back?
  10. I have a customer ask for a conceal carry holster for the middle of his back. I have tried to modify a pattern I have that is for a minimal semi-automatic holster. It is for a small block. Does anyone have a pattern they could share? I want to put belt clips where the slots for a belt are so It fits inside the pants.
  11. PappysLeather

    Block dying

    There may have been post bout this and if so direct me to them. What kind of dye is best used for this? I have been practicing with antique black but not getting the results I am looking for. I may be doing it wrong also. I have embossed a train engine on a IPhone case and I am wanting it to stand out along with the veiner border I put around it.
  12. PappysLeather

    69014 Cowboy Meander Cross Stamp

    Can you go around curves with this meander stamp? Anyone have pictures
  13. PappysLeather

    How to remove stickers from Tandy's leather straps

    It was suppose to be Tandy's can somebody change it?
  14. Anybody else cuss at Tandy's for their stickers on back of their leather belt straps? How do you remove them?
  15. PappysLeather

    Keeping dye off back of project

    What is the best way of keeping dye off the back of projects when dying?