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  1. this is a patent leather awl wrap. My first ever use of the stitch. The top was lasted over and nailed.
  2. just make a bag. the backpack in my gallery was made with that thickness of leather and it was my first project as well.
  3. Nobody taught me how to do shoes.I learned by watching videos.After watching some videos I felt I understood the basics of constructions and basically made up my own method. The best resource to learn is a YouTube channel called Andrew Wrigley. In hindsight I would have made a lot better of a shoe if I watched his video series and followed his steps. Oh well. Soon I'll be making a post on how I made the shoe. and how it is easiest and cheapest to learn, after all a beginner can still remember what its like to be a beginner lol.
  4. The hide I purchased has a strange black coating on the back and a beautiful brown front.Anybody know why this is?
  5. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. it really means a lot me that you would take the time to say such kind things. The world needs more people like you
  6. This was a re-post.Please disregard
  7. Hey Everyone. I'm Carson. A 16 year old high school student from Canada. Been leathercraftin for 4-6 months and about 5 hours a day. I've made bags wallets and even leather dress shoes although I did not carve the shoe last by hand. I'm really hoping to be an active member and contribute positively as much as I possibly can. Any other teens on here who leather craft?
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