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  1. More research has led me to discover two pins in the back of tension plate cover...one pin pops out controlled by presser foot lifter. ...the other pin SHOULD pop in and out between the tension disc to open and close them it seems one of the offending parts is the back plate that is in contact with the pins on opposing sides. When the pressure foot lift pushes out the one pin....that pin doesn't push on the plate which should then push the other pin on the other end to the tension disc....are the pins not long enough or strong enough to really push on the plate?? I can move the plate manually the pins pop in and out when I MANUALLY move them but the plate doesn't have that see-saw action,that moves the pins back and forth to open and close the tension disc.... does this back plate need to be tightened? cleaned? Could it be rusted stiff I haven't taken the front tension cover plate off to get a better look at the plate that sits behind the tension cover that's in contact with the pins.....waiting for some expect advice.... thanks
  2. Thank you Ralph C. for your response. After comparing my needles according to what you mentioned above, I have elimated all the extra needles that came with the machine none are similar to the one installed in the machine. Comparing the 190 needle I see that it is much longer than the one installed. The seller did tell me the machine was adjusted....I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it was adjusted to: 134 134-35 135x17 is there any way I can tell? Is this a job for a mechanic? Does this subject need to be moved to a new topic heading?? thank you kindly:)
  3. I was trying to adjust the tension of this new-to-me machine but it seems like there is no movement in the upper tension disc when the pressure foot is lowered and raised. Doing research on this site I found a video post by UWE showing the tension disc movement (open and close) on his Pfaff 1295. I was wondering if my 145 should work the same way? Mine doesn't open and close .....it stays closed ,when I loosen the screw in the front (to the point of of the screw almost falling out) it still seems too tight. The machine briefly sewed with good tension on very thick fabric test run when I first bought it a few days ago...but now I'm trying it on different thicknesses and running into this issue. see 7:58 mark in this video. http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/75297-pfaff-545-thread-tension-problems/?tab=comments#comment-496087 What could be the reason for my tension discs not opening and closing...and won't loosen! How to fix?? Thank you in advance
  4. Again a big thank you for those few basic rules. Please more info on the needle system. I'm still confused about the needles Some came with the machine some labeled : 190LR 16x 257 CF12-80 DCx27 SY6120 and regular Schmetz 130/705 H LL (what I would use on my home sewing machine) I will discard all of the above if need be, but I'm not clear on what to purchase. Uwe mentioned that if the needle bar has been adjusted ...the bottom of the needle bar may touch the raised presser foot. It comes very close with only a hairs breath clearance, but it doesn't actually touch with the full rotation of the needle (hope that makes sense) So just to be clear I should be purchasing 134 or 135 needles in whatever size I need for thickness of material? the needle installed is stamped GB 140. That doesn't say which system it is.. I have the needle chart....but I still need a little guidance. Thank you for your patience with this newbie!
  5. https://powerpoint.officeapps.live.com/p/pdfhandler.ashx?PV=0&Pid=Fi%3DSD391D15326EDFF57C!2153%26C%3D5_810_BAY-SKY-WAC-WSHI%26ak%3Dt%3D0%26s%3D0%26v%3D%21AAgjWkjWhvu2XqY%26aid%3D16c9332e%2D6764%2D4240%2D88ba%2D71741a027c6f%26m%3Den%2Dus%26z%3D26&waccluster=US2K made a PDF of images mentioned in items above
  6. Uwe and dikman Sincere thanks for your feedback. The machine looked so "pretty" no real worn out marks on the paint (see photo)....so I took the plunge and bought it. My new learning adventure begins! The guy selling it didn't even know how to thread it correctly so it couldn't give a consistent stitch. I knew we just had to play with the tensions but he didn't want to be bothered..... I figured I'll bring it home and learn my way around it. I oiled a bit, played with the tensions and got it to stitch nicely. Got it for $500. I made a "to do" list ( at 2am) of things I need to learn/repair/purchase for this machine.....if anyone wants to give their opinions/ advice/ warnings I would be very grateful. 1) find the manual for the New Tech servo motor as suggested by Dikman....or at least a motor similar to it....So far I learned that "R" on the box means reverse....so "M" means forward???? Can't seem to find the manual online. 2) purchase the correct type of oil and grease to do a deeper cleaning ...the manual is hard to see exactly what to oil so I downloaded the Pfaff 1245 manual it's clearer to see. So far I have kerosene, Tri Flow, and Lily White oil....any better suggestions? 3)get over my fear of taking the bobbin case apart to clean...need to purchase a microscopic screwdriver to remove the gib. I read something about a bad thread jam costing hundreds of dollars to replace bobbin case..scary! I also read about resetting the safety catch that protects the bobbin case in case of a jam. Still trying to identify where that safety thingy is in case I need to reset it. 4)purchase a caliper to measure millimeters, the 1245 manual goes into detail how to set all the proper distances needle height, racer hook, tension disc etc back to factory standards....would I be getting in over my head if I tried to do this at home? What kind of gadget measures that? 5) learn how to lower and grease the knee lift (see photo below) or maybe have to replace. It's rusty, very stiff and sits too high 6) rusty bobbin winder..can it be cleaned? ...It's rusty but still works, but can it affect the way the thread is wound on bobbin? 7) maybe change the motor belt.. it seems a little frayed and pinched in some areas (see photo below) 8) decipher the needle bar height needle system connection. the seller told me the repair shop adjusted it to take 135....but it normally takes 190. I'm assuming he's talking about the length of the needles, it came with both type of needles but I'm trying to understand what's what... 9) it also came with some binder attachments that I need to figure out are they for leather or fabric, double fold, single fold, I use bias binding in regular home sewing, but does leather have a bias?? I searched this attachment set online and they seam to have a plate that screws into the bed of machine...gotta track that down if I need it...I do want to do binding. Thanks for letting me organize my thoughts on this forum. And for all the expert input. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to someone else's learning experience one day. This is an invaluable resource for the stitching community ! not letting me attach photos....I'll try again
  7. Hello, this is my first post....although I've benefited from reading this form for a while now. I posted these questions on an older Pfaff 145 post.......then after I read the "new members please read" thread I realized I made a booboo. 1). I'm trying to identify the name and purpose of a metal bar across the top of the Pfaff 145 (see photo) some machines I see for sale have it...some don't. the machine I'm considering purchasing doesn't have it...just want to know what part is missing. I looked at the PDF user's manual can't find anything that makes sense. 2). also this machine has a New Tech SC 600FL servo motor 600watts.....I've read on this forum some servos have jumpy take off.....lose power at low speeds.....etc ....need pulleys to control speed.....it's all very new to me ....just wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand /type of motor. What's your opinion of it... I will be sewing light/medium weight leather 3-6oz several layers plus linings and interfacings in making purses, tote bags,wallets, leather duffel bags. I'm an avid home sewer....but this will be my first industrial machine...and I'm new to leather....wonder if the motor will have enough power at slow speeds. 3) I asked the seller about the mileage on the machine, I know the machine is very old.....he said the lady he purchased it from bought it new for her use at home......she sewed uniforms for the military. He then bought it and never really used it....so I will be the third owner....I can't verify his story, but if it's true maybe the machine isn't too worn out?? I've seen these machines range from $300 -$1000 for sale......he was asking $800 and I offered him $550. If that fair and reasonable considering the age of machine....what should I look for to see if the machine is too worn out? any thoughts advice will be much appreciated. thank you
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