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  1. Hi Big Sioux, Sorry for my delay in responding to you. I thought this thread had died. I'm still trying to find rivets that will work. I'm looking for black finish, steel. Going through two- layers of 5 min. - 8 max. gauge Latigo Straps. Thanks very much for trying to help but as you can see from the above post I don't even know if your rivets will work with my press even though Weaver said it will accept rivets made by other manufacturers....it does not. I'll have to wait on your offer. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you Stephen! To follow-up with the original post; I purchased some rivets from Ohio Travel Bag (252 Series w/5/16" heads) and they don't work with the Little Wonder. They just get mangled. I think the Weaver 104 driver is too small or tight. Ohio's rivet heads vary a very small amount in head size over 5/16". I measured them with digital calipers to be sure. The head catches inside the driver tube and the rivet will not punch straight. I'm only trying to rivet through 2-layers of 6/8 gauge latigo which isn't too excessive for this machine. I called Weaver for help with their product and to see if they sold a different driver without the rivet holder tube, I was transferred to another department, nobody picked up the phone and I had to leave a message. I never got a call back. I also sent Weaver Customer Service a message on their website chat, no rep signed on during business hours, and again, I had to leave a message and never got a response. I called Ohio Travel Bag to see if their dies would work with the Little Wonder but they had no idea. They were surprised to hear that the Weaver Little Wonder press could put a rivet through leather straps without punching a hole first and they said that their presses would not do that. Not that I want to give any more money to Weaver but I see they now sell a new model Rex Riveter. I'm interested in that because all I need to do is rivet right now and don't need to set snaps or spots of punch holes. I really need the Weaver Loop Anvils to make keepers but it seems that those attachments are only compatible on their very big and expensive foot press machines. If anyone wants to buy a barely used Little Wonder, shoot me a PM. I will trade for a straight up rivet press that works without punching holes and will accept mil-spec rivets. and by-the-way.... Ohio Travel Bag still honored my wholesale account without spending $500-$1200 a year. They had the rivets in stock that i was looking for without having to buy 1,000 pcs at a time just to try different sizes.
  3. Thank you. I haven't worked with this style rivet before. What specifically make them a #104 size? The head diameter... Body diameter?
  4. Hello, I just picked up a used Weaver Little Wonder press. It has the #104 rivet setter and splash plate attachment. I need to feed it some rivets. I went to make a purchase at Weaver and they kicked my order back and apparently closed my wholesale account (after a few years of being an account holder) because they have a new wholesale program now where you must make a minimum purchase of $1,000 to qualify for wholesale prices. Well...... I'd rather not spend my money there ever again. My question is are these #104 rivets exclusive to Weaver or is there an alternative I can buy. I would also like to get a caps and a cap setter as well. Ideally I would like the Hanson Mil-Spec rivets for this project but I have no idea what size to order. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks very Much. Here's the Hanson Mil-Spec chart which can be found at: http://www.hansonrivet.com/rivets/tubular-rivets/ Mil-Spec Tubular Rivets BASIC MIL-SPEC PART NUMBER HEAD STYLE BODY DIAMETER “A” HEAD DIAMETER “B” HEAD HEIGHT “C” HOLE DEPTH “D” FILLET RADIUS “E” CLINCH ALLOWANCE “F” WORK HOLE “G” MIN / MAX MIN / MAX MIN / MAX MS20450-C4- * OVAL .058/.061 .104/.114 .015/.019 .044 .005 .037 .064 MS20450-C6- * OVAL .085/.089 .142/.152 .020/.026 .064 .010 .054 .096 MS20450-D6-* 100° SHEAR .085/.089 .164/.172 .065 REF. .062 .010 .054 .096 MS20450-C8-* OVAL .118/.123 .213/.223 .030/.038 .089 .016 .074 .129 MS20450-D8-* 100° SHEAR .118/.123 .245/.255 .075/.085 .062 .010 .074 .129 MS20450-C9-* OVAL .141/.146 .229/.239 .035/.045 .106 .020 .088 .156 MS20450-D9-* 100° SHEAR .141/.146 .307/.317 .086/.096 .125 .010 .088 .156 MS20450-C12-* OVAL .182/.188 .306/.318 .055/.065 .137 .020 .122 .201 MS20450-D12-* 100° SHEAR .182/.188 .354/.364 .099/.109 .125 .010 .122 .201
  5. Haha.... Well, the sling's length is adjustable from about 27" shortest to about 37" fully elongated. I make them out of nylon webbing now and want to do a nice leather model. Thank you.
  6. They said the longest they've got are about 65". Maybe they misunderstood me because I have no idea what I'm talking about. Brand new to this craft.
  7. Thanks, I tried them and they don't have anything that long.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a thicker gauge (.097" thick, or so) straps or belting that is a minimum of 85" long? Need it to be 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" wide. Good quality, tough and rugged, not stretchy belly stuff. Will be used for rifle slings. Thanks!
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