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  1. Good point. Where do you guys order HO from?
  2. Oh I'm sure it will be. I've bought two sides from Tandy in the past year and both were actually really decent. One a little too "bright" in color, but working out well for me. Now, with that said, I had to DIG to find a decent side both times!
  3. I am venturing in to tooling and looking to really enhance the impressions/marks without making major changes in the leather color. Someone recommended using "Hi Lite," which I will try. I also have quite a few Feibings Antique Gels, but I am well aware of the color changing that will happen with these. Any advice?
  4. Thanks, Mark! And good idea, Bob! I will probably do that sometime this week. I'm also looking into buying my own nice swivel knife to start my "legacy" to hopefully pass down one day. Any recommendations?
  5. Thanks. I figured as much. I've never had luck with shoulders from anyone being anything better than "craftsman."
  6. Holy cow. Note taken, and I will cherish this bad boy. My grandpa loved this thing. I still remember him using it to carve saddles he worked on in the summer.
  7. I'm looking to buy a small amount of Hermann Oak veg tan from Springfield soon. They have shoulder pieces as small as 5 square feet, but I'm not sure about the whole grading system with Hermann Oak. Most of their full sides are "B grade," some are listed as "Craftsman" and then the shoulders don't say anything at all. Can anyone elaborate on the grading of Hermann Oak and what this means? The shoulder pieces I'm looking at are not labeled, but the info describes it as "craftsman grade leather." Hermann Oak 3-4 oz. Shoulder
  8. Do they still make these blades? Just in case my accident prone self does drop/crack it.
  9. Will do, thanks. I may just keep it as is and a keepsake. I will be buying my own soon anyways.
  10. Yeah it definitely looks like ruby. Do these cut well, or should I replace the blade?
  11. I will attach a photo later when I have the chance, but I have my grandpa's first ever swivel knife and I am going to start using it soon as I journey into carving. It's a brass swivel knife, but the blade tip is red and looks to be maybe plastic or possibly glass? Any help on identifying what this is?
  12. Yeah I really need to work on the backside of my stitching as well. I've been using Nigel Armitage's little method and it is working wonderfully. I think he mentions it in his saddle stitch video, but definitely does in the video showing the stitching in of a belt keeper.
  13. If it's repurposed, you are fine. As long as you are not advertising it as a LV product. Any display of it should include a disclaimer that it was repurposed materials and is in no way a product from LV, and the logo is their property and in now way yours. Now, with that said...do yourself a favor and stay far away from buying knock off materials. Plus, LV is VERY well known for protecting their brand, and doing it well. A great example involves the Jonas Brothers "band." One of them wanted a Gibson Les Paul painted with the LV pattern/logo. The hoops Gibson had to jump through for this was UN. REAL. And that was just to use the logo! I, personally, would be slightly offended that someone wanted another brand logo on a handmade product from myself. I'm sure the customer meant no harm, but it's still disrespectful. It would be like me asking Nigel Armitage to make me a wallet, but then to have "Coach" stamped in the corner. Just my two cents.
  14. Gorgeous! I'm not sure how many stitches per inch I'm getting with my 2mm diamond chisel. I am probably going to order right in the middle and see how it comes out. I'm getting all giddy like a school girl over here! I'm even looking at the edge paints to match!
  15. This is inspiring work! I love it! Thanks for sharing, and hopefully I will be somewhere in this ball park in three years!
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