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  1. MHolzer

    New Masks!

    Thanks Sylvia
  2. MHolzer

    New Masks!

    Here's another one I just finished tonight. A verdigris gargoyle!
  3. MHolzer

    New Masks!

    Here are some new masks I've made in the last few months. Enjoy! Kind of a demon/goat/satan-y mask. Commissioned as a D&D prop. Verdigris colored mask. Sort of Asian inspired? Starry Night Mardi Gras Harlequin Black & Red Harlequin
  4. I want to order some 5-6 tooling leather from W & C but financially I can only swing it right now if I can figure out something to make with the split. I have been told by some people that while the split will retain molding properties, it becomes weak. So, what can actually be done with a split? Thanks!
  5. Verizon should be helpful enough in teaching you the basics of how to use a smart phone. As far as square goes, they have tutorials on their site that should get you up to speed.
  6. Joe, Square will work on just about any Android phone Verizon has. https://help.squareup.com/customer/portal/articles/156594-what-devices-does-square-work-with-
  7. I'd also recommend Square. I've been using them over 2 years now and have nothing but good experiences. They also send you a nice signage sticker for your booth/shop/whatever. Also, they let you accept AMEX without having to deal with all of AMEX's BS.
  8. MHolzer

    Bark Mask

    Here's my first go at woodgrain on a mask. Thoughts and suggestions please!
  9. Here's what I ended up going with. I haven't put on the sealer yet, so it's a bit more matte than the final product will be.
  10. I use the Folk Art brand metallic paints on my masks and have had pretty good luck with them so far. I seal it with Resolene or Super Sheen once it's dry.
  11. I just reorganized my shop today. I think it's a bit more functional, but we'll see once I am inspired enough to go do something! I still have crap everywhere, so please excuse the dust. View of the main area. The tooling bench area. The dying/painting station
  12. It's possible to strip the finish with a deglazer, but I honestly have no idea if the leather would still be toolable.
  13. I am working on a mask for Purim which is coming up in a bit over a month. I have decided to masquerade as the Golem of Prague, specifically the Golem created by Rabbi Judah Loew. The background of the golem can be read here. So, the golem was said to have been made of clay or stone, and I'm having a hard time deciding what colors to use on the mask. I'm asking for suggestions because I'm pretty terrible when it comes to picking colors. For what it's worth, the mask will likely dictate the rest of the costume. Thanks for your help!
  14. MHolzer


    Welcome! I LOVE your dryad mask! I've been meaning to try that technique out but haven't have the chance yet. I can definitely see both Merimask and Banwell's influences in your masks, and I think you've utilized their styles and techniques in a unique way. Keep up the good work!
  15. MHolzer

    Mask Pattern

    ...and I'm a terrible person for never getting that to you. Have you done the class yet?
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