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  1. Hey, Dink, . . . if I understood correctly from one of the threads on here, . . . you make clicker dies.

    I need one for a key fob.  Have you ever made one for a key fob?

    I'm thinking like 1 1/2 circles connected by a curved edge bridge, . . . folded in half, becomes a key fob.

    If you do this, what would you charge me for one that is open, . . . definitely not the wooden top type. 

    Thanks, may God bless,

    Dwightkey fob die.jpg

  2. Dink

    Make My Shop Yours

    Need extra help or machines, I am willing to commit 24 hours per week in my shop to do your work, over 12 years experience in a leather shop and have 4 different size sewing machines, clicker, splitters, strap cutters, foot setters, and custom clicker die building capabilities. Can do custom work for you. I work full time now and commit about 40 hours a week in my leather shop also. I am looking to cut this down to stay in my leather shop full time. and commit three days to outside work and maintain my business with the additional two work days and weekends. Let me know if this may be a condition that could help you out.
  3. I custom click these things, I just opened a face book store where I have some nose bands and spur straps available now and will continue to add other things. The Store is on facebook at Pro Rodeo Originals, chaps and leather but it has to be viewed from a PC will not yet work on mobil devices but we are working on it. If that doe not work you can give us a call at 303-660-1332 and I can email pictures
  4. you can see some of the dies at www.prorodeooriginals.com
  5. Chris at Pro Dies can make you nice dies and can also offer custom clicking them for you 720-341-3259
  6. I am not as computer organized, I have a pretty detailed order blank that has room for alot of note taking and customer information. I fill out the detail work on them and keep it on a clip board by the bench. Then I take the basics of the order and put it on a white board. this way I have a running list of orders in the order they came easily visible. then as I proceed and need more info I can just grab the clip board. As orders are completed I then just file them in a binder
  7. Lauren where are you located? maybe you could find someone in your area to help you get started
  8. I can swutch back over to a thick veg tan breast collar and stitch without a problem
  9. Sorry I am no help but have experienced the same thing, and tried everything you mentioned. I am wondering about using extra thread lube to see if that works. How thick are you sewing? I am sewing three pieces of about 12oz.
  10. I had to one one of these for sweden and the shipper (Fedex) was able to supply the form for me
  11. That is really nice, I should have you make me one. what did you use for the flower centers? Dink
  12. Make sure the hand wheel is tight and the shaft is not just spinning inside it. This happened to me
  13. Go to Walmart and in in the camping area and try the blue 1/2" foam mats for sleeping on it works in chaps and chin guards as well.
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