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  1. Mike I do like you water bottle stuff but I can not see the photo s

  2. just come across your leather bottle post very interesting



  3. wondering if you have any advice for me for wrapping my sword hilt...I like the one you have pictured with the scabbard. BTW, hope you are not offended by the fact I copied your design and antique look. Cheers, Don

  4. Hi Mike,

    I left a post, but not sure if you will receive it...since seeing your photos of the scabbard and belt, I have made one and have had many many positive comments on it...I particularly loved the simple way you finished it...for a man of arms! I tried my hand at a re-wrap for the sword handle but have had some trouble. Either I have the wrong type of leather cord, or tec...

  5. Hi Jana, If you follow the pattern above you'll get close to a period piece. The intergrated hanging belt was a complex and therefor expensive item. Here is one of mine, the inner core is in cuir boulli as opposed to wood but the shape and later construction is similar. Cheers Mike
  6. Hi Jana, Yep, it has an inner core/sleeve which the lid slides over. I'm working on re-doing the picture but it's taking a while as my workshop is a tad busy at the moment. Hope these help. Cheers Mike
  7. Hi all, Sorry about the missing pictures. I had a serious pc problem and at the same time managed to delete the contents of my photobucket album hence the lack of posts and missing pictures. I will try to get them restored but the workshop is a tad busy at the moment so it may take a while. Here is one (bad I know) of the scrivener however. Thanks for all the interest. Cheers Mike
  8. Just thought I'd show this commissioned brace of cuir tankards. The engraving and colouring took a while but the end result seems worth it. Makes pleasing change to add some colour. Cheers & good ale Mike
  9. The ones in the pictures are lined with brewers pitch by the looks of it. I know that Stephen & Gillian at Hidebound use pitch for their tankards. Mike
  10. Historically it's accurate up until the mid 1300's then it lost favour to direct attachment to a girdle belt. It does take some working though as the straps not only intertwine but also run through the outer scabbard leather under the second part of the sword belt. The finish on this one is done with layers of different colour dye then different colour wax and finally a few coats of carnauba. Thanks chaps. Mike
  11. A final decision on the belt suspension & some better pictures hopefully :D Thanks all for your kind comments Cheers Mike
  12. My thanks for the kind words. I should add that the belt shown is not the final one. It's doing a fine job holding open the suspension loops until a final design has been agreed with the commissioner. Cheers Mike
  13. A large EDC Sir! I was asked to make a copy of a scabbard for an arming sword. Circa 1300 with an integrated sword belt (not seen much after 1350) It's taken me a while but it's nearly done. Cuir bouilli central core, calfskin over wrap and a wet formed hide outer. I'll replace the pictures when I talk the camera into a better mood. Cheers Mike
  14. Just like one of my musical heros I appear to be living in the past A piece for the same chap that commissioned the scriveners case. A simple traditional design with an antiqued Tudor Rose emblem dyed in then stiffened with wax. His bracer but very much my longbow! :D Cheers Mike
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