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    Vintage Motocross,Desert motorcycle Racing, Wood working, Firearms, Knife making, Metalworking. Camping and woodcraft. History.

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  1. Made this up last weekend. Needed something to hold my rideing pant's up when I race VMX.. :D My first big project with this much sewing and useing a 2nd leather piece as a lineing. Finished it in Black Antique and Tan-Kote. Anyone have a idea of what I could have done to stop the lineing from wrinkleing when curved? I glued it with contact cement before sewing, Should I have bent it to shape immidiately after I glued it?
  2. Some of my project's I've made this week. No experience before I bought the starter kit on a bit of a whim. I'm hooked is about all I can say. My minds full of idea's for projects, Knife sheaths and rifle scabbards, Shooting bags, Slings,belts and hat bands. So much to make. I'm trying to figure out what kind of Gear I can make for my Motocross gear. Art on my Boots?:D Some rounds with Celtic Knot desgins. My "heratige belt" with Shamrocks, Celtic Knots and a Scottish Thistle. Part of my family's Native American, I'm a big fan of that style art, So I made a Hawk, Orka and Chinook Salmon. The Animals/Tree was done just drawing the design. I had to use a template on the Knots. The Native art's gotten quite a bit of attention from my family, I'm going to make a bunch of Keychains for Gifts this Christmas. Should Keep me busy for the winter down time.
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