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  1. whtdove3

    WARNING...Offshore Copycats

    Just a thought.... Is it possible (or maybe there is one already) to have a link on here with a list of sites like one mentioned above to be aware of? Not that they wouldn't change their web address, I'm sure they would. But after a while, I'd think they'd get a little tired of being posted all the time as a con site and go elsewhere, if they can't be shut down and arrested. And it would at least give folks here places to keep an eye on for copycats. I agree with the tashsbear that there should be a code of some kind that can be used to lock photos so they can't be copied or linked to.
  2. whtdove3

    Imprinting leaves into leather

    I'm home now and had some time to dig around a little more on this. I'm very fascinated by this design and I think I found the artist who does this (C.L. Whiting). His website said over the years he developed over 5000 tools in various leaf patterns to come up with this method of raised leaf leatherwork.
  3. whtdove3

    Imprinting leaves into leather

    I found this http://www.rusticspirit.com/leatherleaves/, but it's hard to tell from the photo if it's raised or not. Awful pretty, though.
  4. whtdove3

    Going Blind!

    I can totally relate! I got my first pair of glasses 3 months before my 40th birthday. I would have preferred chocolates instead of glasses, actually, but what can ya do. I have a problem called Cogans Dystrophy, where my corneas have lines and dots (much like a road map) covering them and gradually getting worse with time. I can see, but have the blurries. I have an optivisor, the magnifier lamp and also a pair of magnifiers that clip on my regular glasses (pretty handy). Funny about the mind going away at times. Mine travels off quite often and doesn't even bother to let me know if it even had a good time.
  5. whtdove3

    Guitar pick guard-questions

    Thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate your time and expertise. This will be for an electric. Great tip, also, about the screw holes! I wouldn't have thought of that.
  6. I'd like to make a pick guard for one of my hubby's guitars, but don't know what thickness leather would be best and if I should put a backer of some sort on it to keep it flat. I know the overall thickness can't be too much since the mounting screws aren't very long. Anyone have any advice they can share? Thanks very much in advance.
  7. whtdove3

    Leather rings Riddle

    I'm really curious...when do we get to find out how it's done?
  8. whtdove3

    Leather rings Riddle

    Gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
  9. whtdove3

    Leather rings Riddle

    Since it's a fairly small circle, I was gonna say the tail of the cow. Could be wrong, though.
  10. whtdove3

    A Message from Billy 2-shews

    Is it possible to purchase 2-Shews training videos? I've been unable to attend seminars or guild meetings and would love to learn this technique. I have printed a .pdf of the lesson that I found online, but would love to see it being done so I understand better. Thanks very much.
  11. whtdove3

    Finding leather craftsmen in other places

    Hey folks, Just joined today. I only have a MySpace, but added some photos to my "pics" of some past and present work. Not a pro, by any means, but do ok. www.myspace.com/whtdove3