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  1. Yes, it is partial resting, continues to pull the lesser section causing some weirdness in the stitch line, but the thick part stays in place at the presser feet. Any solution on fixing that? Thanks, I'll start looking at it. Razor blades I have plenty of! Using garment leather seems to be extra tricky. Might just shift some of these extra folded parts around to balance out too much thicknesses.
  2. I'll definitely try moving up on needle size. Your second paragraph is spot on! There isn't much room for the feet to move at all. I have a similar situation on denim, when there's a thicker part of folded over material then jumping to a thin, 2 layer section, make sense? Never could really find an answer as to why that is, plenty of foot travel. I've been looking into skiving a little, but dont know much about it. The amount I would need it doesnt justify a hefty pricetag though is my first thought. Any good hand tools out there you could recommend chrisash?
  3. Thanks kgg for your input. I know the Adler can handle leather, been using it for a while, but these areas of more density than I usually stitch together is frustrating. I'll call Bob at Toledo and try some thicker needles but am concerned about the punctured hole size, even with a tex 105 thread. I may ultimately rethink my lining structure instead for now.
  4. Just uploaded again. Material thickness I'd say is 3/8" to 1/2", folded over buffalo hide of 1mm if I remember correctly. My machine is an Adler 167 walking foot, tex 80, 135x16tri 125/20 needle. It's the seam just below the belt loop if the image is not straight but 90 degrees. It didn't rotate on my phone lol.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been battling this demon for a while now. I make motorcycle jackets and rock n roll vests, areas of multiple layers of leather when folded over for the finish topstitch, cause the needle to ricochet while penetrating to the left, causing the needle to hit the bottom plate and break. The needle will go through the first few layers then ricochet, i think from too dense of material. But how do top companies like Schott and Vanson have such a nicely finished product? Using 125/20 Organ leather needles with Tex 80 Polycore thread. I hammer these dense areas with a ball pen to flatten as best as possible. I can mostly get through these thick areas by hand cranking only, testing to see if the needle bends to the left, lifting up the top dog and wiggling everything over so the needle goes through the bottom plate hole. It's such a pain and doesn't always give a straight stitch, sometimes from the ricochet it has a wonky line of stitch. In the attached pic, heres an example of these dense areas. to the right of the belt loop, you can see the wonkiness of the stitch! Thanks for anyones imput.
  6. Been a long time since I've been on here. I'm looking for info on Adler 167 feet. I'm looking at two options for zipper feet, a left and a right, on Amazon. Right Zipper Foot Set For Durkopp Adler 167, 267 Industrial Sewing Machine -Genuine Parts (Foot Set) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EXG4QFG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GRC2Db26NX446 Are there two parts to the assembly? It may sound dumb but there are two listings I've come across for a right and left zipper foot :). Secondly, is there a good source of info breaking down other optional feet for my Adler 167? I've moved my business into motorcycle jackets and want to really polish up gight stitching. The standard foot has worked out fine, but need to get that little bit closer.
  7. I'm leaning towards a walking foot zig zag. Should I need it for multiple layers of leather, full construction or patchwork, better to have what I need. I've been looking at the Reliable 2600ZW? I've been told Consew is not worth it at the steeper price, especially if this is not my main machine. My Adler 167 is my workhorse.
  8. I've been searching local and have a salesman who sells consew 199 for $1700 brand new, it is not a top feed, claims for what I need, attaching leather and denim patches on denim, this will be just fine, still slightly more power than I need. In anyone's experience, what do ya think? I can see how it should be more than adequate, keep in mind I work with a 10oz stretch denim, 2.5oz or less leather. Pants and jackets Slash from Guns N Roses would wear, not farmers denim
  9. Ralf, thank you for the knowledge dude. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a Pfaff 138 then, which ever I can get my hands on. I'm also going to talk to my local used guy about Adler 98 machines that he could have. These are the two I've narrowed my search for. Anyone have experience with the Adler 98?
  10. Uwe, thank you very much, your video helps a ton. What do you know of the differences between the Pfaff 138 and 130? I have a 130 closer in distance to me, but do want the industrial strength zig zag. Based on your demo, I would be quite happy with the 138 after testing several runs of only leather, with it not being a walking foot that's the last test.
  11. Thanks Uwe, looking forward to hearing your results! I'd prefer a 138 after researching this morning.
  12. But in all seriousness, very very serious, the singer 143 and Pfaff 138 machines, can they handle multiple layers of leather, have reverse, run 92 poly thread, have the ability to be connected to a servo motor, etc? I am seeing both on Facebook marketplace for prices I really like for a machine that will handle on zig zag on leather
  13. Hardy-har-har and maybe someone will give each of us one for free.
  14. I've been recommended the singer 107 and 143, but I think walking foot would be best, unless you guys can say without concern that working with layers of leather don't slip or have othwr issues with the older singers. Id honestly prefer the mechanical machines over computerized, and i do not have $2000 plus for a consew.
  15. Hey Everyone, I'm moving my custom denim into leather now. I currently have an Adler 167 as my main machine, a Husqvarna Emerald 118 table top for light work and patches, along with a Singer overlock. The Husqvarna does zig zag, but getting through 1mm leather is tough, plus I'm using 92 poly thread, lots of problems. Can anyone recommend a zig zag machine of any sort for attaching leather panels that won't break the bank?
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