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  1. I am an another one who is looking for the Walpier Buttero at a competitive price and have found some during enormous contacting, but they are not a wholesaler. Visit Etsy and find the shop, 'Myleathertool', have a look their leather products. Seems they are just retail shop, I presume that's why they can provide competitive price. However, that's the only one what I have found at the moment. Thankfully, they provide whole leather hide skiving service for free. It would be helpful for the stuff whatever you would make, and they are also selling a Walpier Authentication Certificate currently. (around $3 USD, a request required to seller for it) Before you make the order, you may must find out the custom policies for importing leathers because it may be quarantine issued, of cause it depends on where you leave. If I've found a better one, will let you know. hope you get the best result of your work mate.
  2. Hi, I have spent a long time to search distributors who are selling Italian, French, German high quality leathers, and now I'm totally exhausted that I can't find any. Actual product names what I am looking for are, Minerva Box Buttero Shrunken calf (Weinheimer, GER) Dakota Toiano I've contacted some distributors, but some of them answered me that I better find a wholesaler or visit local retail shop because most of distributors don't sell leathers via online internationally that custom(or quarantine) problem might be occurred in leather international shipment. I'm leaving in Brisbane, Australia, really hard to find local one only with internet searching. Could you please advise me the way to find worldwide European leather distributors? Thanks a lot.
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