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  1. Will try and see how it goes! I definitely need to have the roller for the rounded corner! :). You just helped me with another struggle. Thank you
  2. Couldn't belive what I just saw...you did an amazing job.. So much knowledge and patience goes into this project..I admire that!
  3. Yes! that is right. Thank you for bringing it up. Will pack those things into my suitcase right now!
  4. Hi Nope..I haven't decided yet, but the decision will be made in the next week. I am going to travel outside my city next week and meet some dealers in person. They will present the machines and then I could make a decision. I am quite cautious...
  5. The King TK-801D leather skiving machine review I've tried both vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather. The machine itself is very easy to use and split very well. The only problem is that, with vegetable tanned leather, it leaves some marks on the front; I may need to add another layer in between. Or if you guys have a better solution, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Not a problem. I don't know well enough to give a comprehensive review but will do a simple video to show how well the machine functions. :-) I also have an edge skiving machine and an electric creaser on the way. Will share some thoughts on those machines as well.
  7. You are right! If I decide to get an alder 669, I won't add the computer feature. It is not necessary and also too delicate to have.
  8. Good point! Thank you for the advice! Will take it into my consideration.
  9. Hi Adam, Wonderful! Those are great to know! I have reached out to a couple different dealers. Here, 1.669 Eco with a China-made servo motor and LED light costs about 29000 RMB/4200 USD. 2.669 Eco with a pneumatic food lift + servo motor +LED costs about 31000RMB/4500 USD 3.669 Eco with a computer features plus all above is about 37000RMB/5300USD 4.669 GOLDLINE computer feature + auto system is about 43000 RMB/ 6200USD 669Goldline is certainly out of my options. If going for the alder 669, I am leaning toward 1st and 2nd options, which will allow me to save some to invest in the next machine. Right now, It is still a struggle for me to decide which machine I should go for. Personally, I consider myself to hold a high standard on the preciseness of the works. I have seen the stitches line alder 669 could do, even and beautiful, but maybe it only depends on who is using it. haha I will visit several sewing machines factories outside my city next week. If they allow me to try some of the machines, that will help me to make the final decision. Thank you for helping! and BTW, I had the chance to check out the works! You guys make beautiful projects.
  10. Yes, I understand that. I have learnt to use a flat industrial sewing machine(not cylinder); learning is something I am excited about.
  11. WOW, Thank you for the link! I had no idea Cowboy has their sell agent here. Will definitely look into it! Do you have any recommendation on the model? (Maybe 7335 and CB6900 from what I read )
  12. Hi Kgg, WOW,I’ve never thought of those! thank you for the advice! I will do some search today within my city. Yes, I definitely plan to visit the dealers, but the dealers spoke vaguely when I ask them for the address. Only one of them gave me a clear company address. Instead of visiting the dealers, should I just go to some leather sewing factories? Hi Adam, Great information to know! As long as the machine accept 8mm Veg tan leather in thickness, I think I will be good to go. Also, hand sewing is an option if the thickness goes above 8mm. But I am not sure if a Pfaff 335 could handle easily 8mm thick leather layers, the dealer is quite vague when I asked. I have another question for you.. haha sorry for too many questions. Do you have any idea what a pneumatic foot system is? (I don’t know if I translate it correctly) One of the Adler dealers told me that if I allow them to replace this system with something regular, the price for an Adler 669 could reduce about 10000RMB/1500USD, which is a significant drop. If you have information on this, that will be fantastic! Hi there, OH, YEeeeS! I am so excited about the Alder 669 review because there is nowhere else to find such review. Is it going to happen any time soon? Haha, maybe I should wait for your review instead of rushing to buy a machine. :))) I am also afraid to order something that ends up giving me a lot of headaches, especially considering that I have no experience on such machine. I have been saving for the past year. I am willing to be broken for this machine, but it is very important to know if it is really worth that much.
  13. Hi there, Thank you for sharing the post! Yes, some of the bag designs do require a cylinder machine to do the job. Umm, I understood your point. It is too much to ask one machine to do all the jobs. I am also thinking to invest more machines in the future (when the affordability is not a problem.) But for now, I want to start with a machine that could be more flexible to work with. If purchasing two different machines, do you have any suggested model I should look into? Holly Hello Kgg, Thank you for answering, Yes, you made great points! In my country, Juki, Alder and Pfaff are the most common industrial sewing machine brands here, comparing to Cowboy/Seiko etc. Those three brands, they all have their sell agents/ branches here. (Juki is more popular and common than the other two. ) The basic accessories are not very expensive as long as they are not imported. Also, some models’ accessories are easier to find than the others. The warranty part is a problem…. I couldn’t find a dealer on my city .. Those dealers all told me that if the machine has any problems, they could provide tech support through video or phone call…or sending some parts to me to repair. If I am willing to pay for the cost of traveling, they can send someone to help me fix the machine….. So..basically, if the machines present a huge issue, I am on my own. :(( The downside of living in a small town. And yes I am also questioning if an Adler 669 is really worth to buy taking the fact that the price is 4 to 10 times more expensive than the others. I haven’t had the chance to use any of those machines, so it is so difficult to compare.
  14. Hello Adam, Thank you for sharing the thoughts! Yes, I think we make similar items and I also read your post on the sewing machines :-)! The dealer said something similar. He suggested me to purchase a Pfaff 335 with another flat walking foot sewing machine instead of buying an Adler 669. That does sound super appealing and pulling me away from an Adler 669. Also, thank you for listing those points! They are very helpful. I think your 3rd and 7th points are very important to me. For Juki 246, the dealer told me that the machine works well with leather thickness under 5mm. Juki 1341 could take a little bit more on the thickness. Unfortunately, I don’t like its larger diameter arm :(. It adds some limitation on the designs. Do you know if Adler 669 work well with thick vegetable tanned leather? Holly
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