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  1. Leather secrets by FO Baird for sale. Missing page 36,37 some damage to top of pages. I paid $85.00, that’s what I would like to have out of it. Pm me with zip code for shipping estimate, or additional pictures. I bought this one online and a couple of days later found a newer version at an estate sale.
  2. Conn6

    Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Hey Mike, Sorry I haven't responded before. I bought some of this before Christmas, and just now got around to using this. Great product, good sized pieces , good color mix and the heaviest 25# box I have ever picked up. Thanks for making some of this "scrap" available. I used a little to make these to little purses for a customer of mine. I made her a 12" x 12" purse and she wanted these two 6" x 9" for her two daughters.
  3. Conn6

    Looking for a shoe patch machine

    If that one doesn't work, I have a 30-1 that might be of interest.