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    An avid crafter most of my life I take great pleasure in creating things with my hands. As well as having a craft room I also have a complete wood shop along side a small welding shop.

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  1. As a novice myself, I find it to be nicely done! I might have to "borrow" the pattern as well, lol!
  2. I have been wondering about using the airbrush to create that very effect, now with your post, I'll be dusting off that dandy little tool!
  3. That is exactly how I accomplished that Themodifier, drilled a 7/16" hole in the bottom of the ram 1" deep and then crossed drilled and tapped 10/32 hole with allen screw. Garypl, very interesting about the bushings at lowes, I never even thought about trying lowes, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Love the sunburst effect, I have had a airbrush for over 30 years that I have never used, looks like I found something to finally use it on.
  5. No Themodifier I did not remove the 2 teeth wasn't sure if I wanted to do that but am now reconsidering the idea. The other thing that I wanted to do is to find a machinist and have brass bushings made with a O.D of 7/16" and a I.D in 4 different sizes to accommodate the different sizes handles on the craftools. They still fit in the 7/16" hole in the ram but felt the bushings would be a added feature. Billybopp, I have looked at several ideas for a spring return but not sure if I want to add that as of yet.
  6. Thanks DD, the leather press works beyond expectation, the ability to do border stamping is quick and painless. I also made another fence for the ability to border stamp round and odd shaped leather projects.
  7. I'm a retired Ironworker, been a crafter most of my life and about mid summer turned my interests towards leather crafting and I am loving it! A picture of some of my first projects.
  8. Modified one ton harbor freight arbor press which will accept most all crafttools with a shaft diameter of 7/16" with auxiliary fence attachment. Not my design, seen it on youtube and had to make one!
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