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  1. I've typically just bought from the shop in town. But at the rate I go through leather it's adding up and got me thinking that I should consider other options, everything else I use I tend to buy wholesale and this got me going down the rabbit hole of the internet trying to find a Canadian tannery or wholesale option. I've had no luck with this with the exception of a couple guys that tan leather out of deer hides or I might find a supplier that's little cheaper but then the shipping costs within Canada make it not worth it. Right now I'm using around 6-8oz latigo leather for strapping on backpacks and paying around $15CAD a sqf which seems to be the going rate in Canada for retail? Has anyone found a good online supplier, tannery or wholesale in Canada? Similar to Hide House or anything like that? There are quite a few options in the US but as other Canadians know it's the shipping and duties that kill that option and make it too pricey. Curious if anyone has found anything in Canada? Or if you're Canadian and buy from the US what's your experience like and who have you used?
  2. What's the issue with the sailrite's walking foot design?
  3. It being black, and cute, has nothing to do with it. It's all metal, and what I could find online it's listed as a commercial grade sewing machine, but I couldn't find much else info on it... which is why I thought I'd see if anyone has worked with one before first hand. I already have a nice Juki that works great, but thought this might be good to have as a back up. No need to be condescending to someone anyway thanks for taking the time to write a response...
  4. Anyone have any experience with a Pfaff 6?? Not a whole lot of info online about them, but they look like a solid little machine. Wondering if it'd be good for working with leather and canvas or if it's more a light machine? It looks pretty industrial from what I see but it's not a walking foot as far as I can tell. Curious if anyone has used one before?
  5. It ends up being a lot cheaper for me to purchase the press online (makes it hard to test out like that) and I did already order it. I wound up ordering a really strong rare earth magnet as well so I'll probably be doing what you mentioned with holding the rivets or tools that way! Hopefully that'll solve my problem, but if not I'm going to try and find a cheap drill at a thrift store and remove the chuck and attach a magnet to it. Seems a lot cheaper and customizable than the link I posted which in Canadian $$ ends up being around $80 (which is more than my arbor press!).
  6. I don't need too much clearance so hopefully it'd be alright. fredk I was also thinking I'd try to dyi this adaptor. Would love to see your's if you give it a try! One other question regarding arbor presses, would a half ton be enough for what I'm wanting to use it for?
  7. I need something that I can use to set rivets, grommets, and also use as a press for logos etc. I was looking at my options and everything seemed out of my price range in regards to presses made for leather, or they were very specific (you have to use our rivets/grommets/snaps/dies, and other dies won't work or wouldn't work with a logo stamp etc). So I started looking at arbor presses. Noticed that I'd need to do a bit of mods to get it to work properly... then I stumbled on this!! Has anyone modified their arbor press with magnets before? Or tried something similar to this? I like the idea that I wouldn't have to drill into the metal to get it work. Either this is the perfect solution to my problem or there's something I'm not taking into consideration. Thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/Arbor-Press-Magnetic-Chucking-Tool/dp/B00MEQMBD2
  8. Uwe thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed to know!
  9. Thanks everyone for all the info!! I'm still having some issues with getting a binder to work on my juki. I purchased the tape folder, throat plate/feed dog, presser feet that I mentioned early (the ebay listing). One thing I'm struggling with is to get the tape folder (the simple metal folder that you would attach to the machine somewhere) attached. On my old machine there two holes that worked perfectly for my other binder, but on the juki the holes are on the bobbin plate and they are a really odd size (can't seem to find a screw that fits anywhere, anyone know where I could find one that would fit?). Uwe, would I need an attachment like something in the video you posted above for the Pfaff 545 to attach just the binder? I don't see any other holes that could for the attachments. I just cannot seem to get this to work and my online research is coming up with no solutions or info, feeling a little frustrated.
  10. Gottaknow, thanks for all the advice! I was wondering where you got the screws for the plate (or what size they are if you happen to know?). I went to a bunch of hardware stores with the plate trying every size and nothing seems to fit it. Also what is the adaptor you mentioned? Any chance you a link or picture for this? I'm still struggling to get either of my attachments to work on the Juki
  11. Sorry about that, I'll make sure to post images rather then links from now on. Ok so this makes more sense to me I think. Since I'll be doing backpacks and there are definitely different widths at the seams I should probably get the one with the binding throat plate whereas if I was just doing projects where the width was consistent throughout I'd be able to get away with just the tape folder?
  12. I got one more question, did a search and couldn't really find much on this. I have a sailrite bias binder attachment for my old machine. It unfortunately doesn't fit on the Juki. So now I'm looking at finding a replacement to use on the new machine. I found the two options below. Looks like the top one comes with a different style of foot? Is there a reason why I should get this one? Will it make working with bias tape much easier than just getting a right angle attachment to use with my regular foot? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Juki-LU-562-LU-563-Needle-Plate-Feed-Dog-Walking-Foot-Binder-Choose-Tape-Size-/321199587119?hash=item4ac8fcbf2f http://www.ebay.com/itm/KP-160-JUKI-LU-562-LU-563-RAW-TAPE-BINDER-/161883493330?var=&hash=item25b10213d2:m:m4i0-ms-bd8SP7bLikBikoQ
  13. Thanks for the tips Eric! I'll see if I can find the right screw sizes for the plate.
  14. I have a bias tape binder attachment that I got for my old sewing machine (this is it http://www.ebay.com/itm/SINGLE-THREE-FOLD-BIAS-TAPE-BINDER-Singer-Brother-Juki-Industrial-machines-A2S-/231264807648). It doesn't seem to fit my new machine which is a Juki lu-562. It looks like I'm supposed to use the holes that are on the bobbin cover of the juki? These holes are too large for the screws that came with my attachment. I'm going to experiment a bit and hopefully find some screws that will work, but if I can't I was curious if anyone has drilled there own holes into their machine or how others have customizing an attachment to make it fit? Thanks!
  15. One thing I noticed with my machine is it's missing the needle thread guide pin. It looks to be broken right off or like someone cut it off. Will this really mess up my tension? Can I make due without it?
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