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  1. I bought out Whitman leather supplies in an online auction last year. I've got pretty much every pattern or blue print they ever used in a huge tub. Sell all together. Make offer. Pick up in northern Ky. Can email pics site won't let me upload. Call 513-378-7107. Thx.
  2. I bought out a leather maker in an online auction last year. I've got millions of rivets, clasps, buckles etc etc etc I'd like to sell as one unit. Ive got $300 in it all and it's worth thousands I'm sure. I'm in northern ky and you could pick up in a full size truck. If interested contact me 513-378-7107. I'll never use all of this and I honestly don't have time to part it out and sell it individually. I'll can email pics if interested. Site won't let me upload . Thx.
  3. I'm sorry I just spoke with a very nice man who gave me some good places to check pricing. I will price it lie I promise but I have never dealt with vat tanned leather and I want to be positive I list it correctly and don't charge too high at all. I also want to be sure and get close up good pictures and number each piece with size so you can pick the pieces you like that will work for you. I'm definitely not wanting to have any bad feelings anywhere. Email is best for pics mine is maderjc@aol.com.
  4. Most are huge centers or double shoulders approximately 4'x6'+
  5. I posted on Facebook. I'm in northern ky. Thinking about possibly having a sale weekend at the shop just to move things. If you like to email me directly I could send you images and you could get a better feel for things. My email is maderjc@aol.com
  6. I use the veg tanned which is why I bid on the lot and there wasn't much. I do have a ton of scrap veg tanned of various thickness. Most in lot is saddle leather around 4-5mm maybe 5-6mm and thicker brown probably 7-8/8-9mm.
  7. Absolutely. That's why I'm posting. I'm all about the really good price part. I don't mind sharing my good fortune one but!!! Absolutely. That's why I'm posting. I'm all about the really good price part. I don't mind sharing my good fortune one but!!!
  8. Thank you! For the most part yes. I search sites until I find things if I'm not sure of the names of items. It was an entire stock room of rivets snaps clips buckles clasps tons unopened and tons in open boxes. They only pictured a fraction of what was in the lot.
  9. Had some serious heat coming off my pipes. Laid this out earlier this year. No problem at all after.
  10. I will. Like I said I'm a little overwhelmed. I've got lots of pre dyed in various thicknesses huge pcs some look like double shoulders some look like full centers. Images are difficult because most thatbontook exceed the limits for the site. Have big rolls of Bonnitex too
  11. Great job just keep doing it. I learn as I go on a lot of things. YouTube is a great resource for learning.
  12. I bought at auction a lot of leather supplies when Whitman Leather Co of Cintinnati Oh retired and closed its doors. I had no idea how much I had actually won in the auction as it was online only and pictured rolls of leather. I am interested in selling a lot of this stock but am a little overwhelmed with the amount of everything. They made premium saddles, as well as other horse/tack products and many many different types of gear belts and accessories for the Ohio police and fire departments. If you're interested in seeing pics of what I have or if you'd be interested setting a time to come see message me and I'll try to answer any questions.
  13. I bought Whitman leather of Cincinnati's stock at auction when the family retired this year. I have boxes of black rivets and black eyelets. Not even sure how many things I have but if you want to contact I could take some pictures tomorrow and forward. I'm getting ready to post lots of things for sale. Whitman see to do all if the Ohio police and fire belts and accessories. I also have hundreds of original blue prints for all of their designs and lots of leather I'll never use. This is my first day on here so I'm trying to figure out the site a little bit.
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