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    Leather-craft, restoration of old leather working tools, making my own tools (usable but far from perfect), large rare breeds of dogs, fishing.

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  1. Wow, it takes a lot for me to came out of woodwork, but this holster in my eyes just perfect, rugged and elegant in the same time. Just freaking awesome...
  2. Great holsters, great example of basket weave and lacing done just right., not that I am expert, but those holsters are impressive. Boris.
  3. Thanks everyone for encouraging words, off to new projects...
  4. First made by request and sold holster, SOB, IWB or OWB, palm in. For SIG 229C.
  5. Here some pictures of this holster, sorry took me little longer then I expected.
  6. Thank you, it is my favorite. Made three holsters for the same gun before I finally got it right. It is mine but I got only one pictures of it. Will make couple more and post it later.
  7. CaptQuirk, For me it was absolutely worth it, Tiger thread improved looks of my stitching a lot comparing to thread from Tandy that I used before, I must emphasize my stitching, it still leaves a lot to be desired There are two more things that I noticed, wax is better and amount of it just right, and thread is flat so pretty mush no piercing through the thread inside hole while stitching - big benefits for me. My opinion, it is much easier to work with, it looks good even inside groove, thread is flat and that makes it less prone to snag and wear and color selection is good. Hope it useful info. Boris
  8. First multi-color holsters and use of Tiger thread.
  9. Thank you, gentlemen. Opinions from people who actually work with leather means a lot to me. I appreciate time you spent looking at my work. There are couple more holsters that I will put on "Critique my work" board, please pull no punches... Boris
  10. Hi, everybody! There is little collection of holsters that I put together in my basement
  11. Yes Sir, that is it, that is something, for me definitely, to look up to... I can only second everything good that was already posted. But challenge to keep stitching so neat is serious skills. Great job!
  12. Thanks, Bikermutt07, I still have couple more holsters to post, just need to figure out how to handle picture size better.
  13. Thanks for kind words, Stu. My first attempt to post happen to be pretty pathetic, here is second try
  14. First attempt to make holster, leaves a lot to be desired, but was enough to hook me up to try more... There is a second holster from an amateur who after making a few more realize how much I really don't know about leather working.
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