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  1. Just wanted to give a quick update haha after so long. I ended up having to contact them with issues with my barrel on my knife. King tools replaced my entire barrel for free! They do have great service. Thanks all for everything!!!
  2. My trainer asked if I could make him some double off billets - like four of them. I was wondering how heavy the leather should be for these and the typical width and length. Weaver Sells one for around 40 bucks so I was wondering if it would even worth him paying me to do this. He doesn't make much but I'd still want to see decent quality leather. I only have a small table top lace and strap cutter and was wondering if this would be sufficient to cut them out. Any tips or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
  3. I was looking back at this and notice I never thanked you. I ended up sharpening it and it works somewhat better. So thank you for all your input (belated as this may be) You were very helpful. I should have just sent the blade back but never did. Too late now...
  4. I'll check it out! I have a different name I've had in mind but am hesitant to post it cause it's pretty good I think im hesitant about someone stealing it thanks for all the support everyone!!! Hopefully when I have a site, ya'll can help me with that too
  5. I'm a beginner and have two questions about this method. Does this waterproof and would it rub off on cloth in or skin? Thanks! K
  6. Yeah it just doesn't sound like a professional company ya know? It's just kind of cutesy sounding to me. Maybe I'm over thinking it.
  7. For some reason I feel like crooked k would be good for a jewelry or clothing botique. A brand with ___ k would be good but most are taken
  8. lol I'm dating one of those haha that might get weird
  9. K is very popular with female leather crafters. All sorts of k's are used. Kk, double k, bar k, lazy k etc. that's my hesitation... my first name is Kaitlyn. I definitely want a brand like lettering in my logo
  10. Hello, I’m looking for a name for my leathercraft shop/business. I’m not quite ready to start selling yet, though I would like to have a name and website started and a stamp with my “brand” made. At the moment my Instagram is “Crooked K Leather”: I’m not so fond of it anymore because it’s not too professional. Here is my dilemma, I would have liked “Hoffman Custom Leather”: My last name is Hoffman which is practically unavailable in every realm. I could use my name or middle name but I don’t want anything too feminine. I thought of naming the business after my father from fort worth who is fighting cancer and donate but his name is Jay Lynn. Which is also a big name in the leather world: Jay lynn gore –(Circle Y, pattern designer, Tool maker etc.) So I’m Kind of stumped on name ideas. I want to keep it close to home and short: ____ custom Leather or ____ Leather. I like letters and brands for my logo. im doing western style items and want to do tack in the future. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. The blade I received is very smooth but indents the leather more than cutting it. It leaves a much more appealing cut but I have to change the way I use it. I tried it on moister leather last night and I think it did pretty well so that might just be what I have to do. It will make stamping a lot easier either way. I think I will give it a quick trip on the stone after a few days if I'm not satisfied. I considered shelling out for a LW butI have a long list of tools and a small budget so the BK gave me some wiggle room. Once I start selling I will probably upgrade. Right now anything is an upgrade from my tandy knife.
  12. We have two at my family's home. I'm curious to see if they could be modified to work thicker leathers. I really don't know anything about sewing leather yet but know I will eventually be doing bigger projects and hand sewing will be a timely option.
  13. How sharp is the knife supposed to be?
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