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  1. Nice job! Any chance you can provide exact *inside* dimensions? I am about to build this for my son. I have a water resistant camera insert that should fit. I may also build a couple to use as pannier bags for my eBike. I love Tony and have many of his patterns. I've only built a couple but buy most of his stuff just to support him. Great example of taking care of his customers.
  2. I have been lurking for a couple of months and have finally gotten around to becoming a member. About 15 years ago I mentioned to my wife that I would like a few leatherworking tools. I had in mind a small kit to throw in my saddlebag for emergency trailside repairs. She presents me with two wooden tool chests full of knives, stamps, lace and strap makers and more things than I could possibly ever use. At the time, I was so busy that I had no time to devote to a new hobby. Fast forward a couple of near death experiences and nearly forced retirement to today and I now have plenty of time to pursue leather crafting. And woodworking. And music. And.... Here are my first projects (in order): Owl bike seat - made for a friend to mount on custom tricycle he built (in my shop) for his girlfriend. Stamped Dice Cup - Birthday present for my niece. Yahtzee freak. Coin Purse - Donated to fundraiser for an infant fighting a difficult battle with cancer. Mushroom Dice Cup - My first freehand drawing/carving. Made for my older sister birthday. She is also a Yahtzee freak My current project is a stitching pony with tilting clamp (using idea gotten from Leatherworker.net ). Using locally cut and rough sawn oak. Will post info if it works out.
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