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  1. So I have quiet a few Barry king swivel knife blades and the reason for this is I can never seem to get them sharp. I can sharpen Tandy blades with zero issues but the Barry kings always give me a hard time. So I figured I’d buy the Tandy jig for blade sharpening. Guess I should have done more research because they don’t fit into the jig. So 1st question is there a jig that works for the Barry king blades 2nd of not any tips or tricks? I’m also looking at buying a leather wrangler sk will I have the same issue?
  2. The gator is glued and stitched. Haven’t thought about reversing the belt loop. I don’t line that piece with gator because I personally like the two tone look of natural leather and gator. Only good thing haven’t had anyone complain about belt loop getting in the way.
  3. 6 oz left natural with neets foot oil and burnished edges with saddle soap
  4. All Herman oak various weights wrapped in gator.
  5. Shotgun shell carrier holds complete box of shells. Front panel and gusset panel are 2/3 oz back panel with belt loop is 5 oz. that 100% natural wild caught Florida alligator
  6. Yea the idea of the scabbard is just for attaching to the golf cart as the drive around the clay stands. Not for long term use or storage
  7. Thanks for the info. Now anyone got a good source for a sheep wool roll or panels.
  8. So I have been commissioned to make a travel scabbard so a very expensive very old custom over and under shotgun for trap and skeet. The outside is going to be wrapped in alligator no zipper open end. I have a pattern and my plan is to use 5/6 oz veg tan glue and stitch the gator to it. I’m going to roll gator over all ends. So here is my question. What would you all use as a interior lining. My plan initially was to use lamb or sheep wool but was told it will hold moisture. Don’t need that. Was told suede will mess with bluing and could tarnish or discolor the engraved pieces. Also saddle shearling will be a no no from what I have read. So I’m stumped what should I use
  9. If anyone has a radio holster template that would be great
  10. hey guys been browsing for awhile and finally decided to post some of my work. this is a rifle butt cuff for my marlin 30-30 open to any and all criticism ok how do you upload photos
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